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He was sitting in his car, in the parking lot of his College residence, listening to some music, when the police came over and arrested him. He had been drinking. He tested at 190 milligrams.
He should at least consult a DUI attorney for his opinion.
Convicted of a DWI. Completed the conditional discharge of a year. Signed an affidavit stating I would not drive a car without an Ignition Interlock. DMV said a letter of completion is needed in order to get the a4 restriction (IID) off my drivers license.
You can go to the Clerk's office and request a certificate of disposition showing the conditional discharge period has...
Was arrested in 04 for dwi. Didnt realize used brothers name. Avoided it till years later when brother got fired for criminal background. Was pressured into pressing charges but never did. What do I do now? License is expired. Affraid to apply for a new one.
2 years. What happened to the case under your brother's name?
I got arrested for my second DWI. I was suppose to only do six months of counseling however, I missed the first month. So the judge said I could either go to jail for 90 days or participate in drug court. I am currently in drug court and it is really holding me back from moving on with my life. I am a 23 year old student, not an alcoholic or drug addict, just someone who has made two terrible mistakes. Is it possible to get early release from drug court? If this is not possible, if I ended up dropping out from the program and taking the 90 days, how long of the time would I actually serve?
I suggest that you contact your attorney. He or she would be in the best position to advise you. If you do drop out, I...
I understand this is usually reduced to dwai if there are no extenuating circumstances like accident or injury or issues with the arresting officers, so I'm planning to represent myself. My questions are 1st procedural. The judge at arraignment will ask for my plea. Obviously I want to plead not guilty, but at what point do I request a hardship hearing and then a pretrial conference? Also, In regards to the hardship hearing, I have my work schedule from both my jobs for the past 2 weeks, I have pay stubs to prove employment, I have character reference letters from my immediate supervisor at 1 job and the co-worker who trained me at the other job, and I have printed map pages showing the 50 mins commute to job 1 and the 15-20 minute commute to job 2 . Is that enough? Anything I can add
So you don't want to pay for a lawyer yet you want a lawyer to tell you what you need to do? Really? I guess all our...
Hi, thanks in advance for any help. Unfortunately, I have four drug alcohol convictions (2 impaired, 2 intoxicated) over 25 years and NYS is talking about a permanent revocation, which is a bit harsh IMHO. In an effort to live a semblance of a normal life after the addiction and now this wonderful after effect, I stumbled upon the "loophole" of Colorado. If I moved there for awhile would it be possible to drive again legally one day? What if I had an unlicensed driver on my record since the revocation? Thanks so much for any and all help...
Colorado is a member of the Interstate Driver's License Compact. As a result, if your license is suspended in another...
My dwi offense occurred in 2010 and I received an SIS in 2012 after completing all requirements for my probation. I have no other infractions on my record. I would consider myself completely rehabilitated but I am wondering if Canada will see my SIS if they scan my passport and if they will consider me rehabilitated and let me in at the border? I am on my way to Canada now for a wedding and I brought my resume and portfolio that show my achievements and has a letter of recommendation, a paycheck stub from work, a letter of recommendation from my mom about my dwi and describes how I've been rehabilitated specifically written for entry into Canada, and the wedding invitation. I am also an RN on a cancer unit (extra moral) Do you think they will see my SIS on my record & will they let me in?
Not without going through a process. They don't care if it's an SIS or not. All treated as a conviction.