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Ex was arrested for 3rd degree DWI Child Endangerment
My ex wife whom I have two joint children with, was recently arrested for 3rd degree dwi child endangerment involving her non joint child. I have sole legal and physical custody of our two joint children, however, she does have unsupervised visitation with them. I am concerned about her recent arrest and am curious if this will involve our joint children. Is there any legal action I should take or shall I assume if there is a danger to our joint children, that a guardian adlitem will be assigned or cps will contact me?
Do not assume anything of the sort. CPS will not be involved, normally, unless there is a complaint. Further, the...
Twenty days ago I received a 4th degree DWI citation but the officer has yet to officially file it. Is this normal?
I've called every day for the last month, and I've talked to three woman who told me just to call back later. They've clipped my license so I can not drive- At the station they told me i can not drive for 90 days, but I am unsure of when they 90 days start. Or how i even go about getting my license back if they've not filed it with the court. I've already set up an evaluation with a treatment center so when court does come I have that on my side. But I am still so unsure on why this seems to be stuck in the mud and not moving forward at all. Is this is my favor or would this all be hurting me?
This is very common. You will get notice of the initial criminal hearing once that is filed and set up through court...
A recorded confession was taken of me for an assault charge while I was intoxicated, with no other proof does it prove im guilty
There is no photos of marks , the supposed victim claimed it didn't happen. I said what everyone was telling me happened . Im confused as to what to say in court.
Hello. First, you should not post details of your issue on this public website, as your statements may be used against...
Is it possible to get a cdl after having 2 dui's? What would I need to do to be able to get a cdl back?
the dates of the dui's were march 4 2006 and may 31 2006. After getting the second dui I placed myself in a in patient treatment program and have maintained sobriety ever since. I used to be an owner/operator and was wondering if there were any steps i could take to getting it back.
It is lifetime revocation.
My son got charged with a DWI and opted to take a blood test. It's been 9 weeks and the results are not back. Is this normal?
Court has been continued once because if this, and as of Friday he is still licensed with the state to drive although he doesn't have his car. Do those tests results ever get lost?
Depending upon the jurisdiction where the DWI citation was issued and the testing laboratory used by that jurisdiction...
My ex wife was recently arrested with 3rd degree DUI child endangerment. What does this mean?
Sole custodial father concerned about his children given this situation. She has my 2 children every other weekend. The child who she had in the car at the time of the DUI was not my child.
It sounds like you understand that the DUI with child endangerment means that she was driving under the influence of...
Underage drinking and Driving, is that a DUI/DWI, or something different?
Under my Case charges on my court papers it says Traffic - Underage drinking and driving - Convicted. Is that a DWI/DUI, or something different?
Underage drinking and driving is a misdemeanor and punishable by up to 90 days in jail. It is different than a DWI....