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What is the penalty if they find meth in your system thru a ua, what is the charge?
I was stopped for not using my turn signal and he gave me sobriety check and I had a pbt of .03 and he said I was under the influence of something else, so he charged me with a dui which is my fourth offense. he took me in and I did a ua. my main question is can they charge me with a felony drug possession for meth in my body fluids?
If they charged you with an offense, you should get a lawyer to defend you, rather than focus on the worst case scenario
What to expect if I turn myself in on 2 warrants. One for dwi ,inactive and the 2nd is failure to appear? 12 yrs ago.
I am 62 yrs old . My health is not the best. I have not had any trouble since that time. The thought of going to jail sends me into panic mode.
Contact a local criminal attorney immediately to see if there is a way to avoid jail time by talking with the prosecutors.
What is the easiest/ quickest way to stay out of prison?
I have a friend with some previous DUI he was on probation and was picked up for drive. He got a dui and locked up in jail. The court made it like his 2nd offense but he also violated his probation and his P.O. said he might be doing 5 years for it. What would be the smarter thing to do to not go to prison for 5 years?
Your friend needs to 1.) stay out of trouble (i.e., no new criminal charges of any kind, anywhere), and 2.) do exactly...
Can a person convicted of a class 4 felony in South Dakota and sentenced to probation serve that probation in another state?
The person who will go to trial is not a resident of South Dakota. He only recently moved from Florida to Wisconsin.
Yes, you can transfer probation but it’s not a guarantee. In my experience almost all probation is successfully...
Out of state dui?
I live in Iowa but was visiting South Dakota. I was unfamiliar with the area I was in and hit a high curb causing damage to my car. Cops were called and I was asked to take a Breathalyzer. I blew a .0814. This is my first ever offense (I am over 50). I have never been in trouble with the law before. How are 1st offenses handled? Do I follow Dui laws in the state it happened or my home state?
Criminal offenses are prosecuted where the offense occurred. There is no blanket answer as to how first offenses are...
What does CRI stand for in a DUI case?
I was charged with a DUI and on the case report it states CRI with some number following. What does this mean?
Its simply the Court's numbering system. "CRI" stands for criminal. 01CRI18-001. The first "01" is the county. CRI is...
I was arrested and given no charges. Will this be on my record and affect future employment?
I was arrested for DUI due to poor judgment on the officer’s part. I blew 0.00, but failed the field sobriety test. I had BAC finding no trace of drugs and other officers confirmed I was sober. Will this affect my future careers possibly in government.
You need a criminal defense attorney to help you fight the DUI charge. If you cannot afford an attorney, apply for...