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I got a dui ? Do i stand a chance??
I have had bad accidents on the frwy so i do get nervous n scared when things like that happen n wanted ti get off fry even having hazards on with chp acknowledging i had them on. I told him what happened n he thought i was lying n making up story when wasnt in was coming home n was with my parents in the city i told him then after having me call my mom... n her telling him she lived in riverside n him saying i thought they lived in... not understandung we were at a time share for 4th of july ...so he got mad n had me do sobriety test walking with flimsy sandals then having to just go barefoot on rocky dirt ...i failed n failed eye test too ...didnt have my glasses on n had stand on leg test I didnt pass being heavy n feet hurting then breathalizer “0” I passed then made me draw blood.
Speak with your criminal attorney as to the specific facts of your case. Much will depend on your BAC.
Can a police officer arrest c.i.a director for d.u.i ?
im starting school soon and want to a write a paper
No one is above the law. Regardless of what you see on Twitter.
Severity of DUI in immigration?
Hi I have a dui with high BAC my case was expunged. Does the severity of my case cause problem to my immigration. All the DUI cases are treated equally or they will consider low BAC and other factors to make a person admissable?
More facts are needed to answer your question. Did you serve any jail time? My best advice would be to speak to an...
Why can't I get my DUI dismissed?
So I was charged with a first-offense DUI late last month. Apparently my BAC was recorded at 0.17%. I've had several friends, colleagues and acquaintances who have been charged with misdemeanor level crimes ranging from domestic battery, vandalism and trespassing and they were all able to have their charges dismissed "in the interest of justice" after supplying sufficient evidence to the court that their behavior wasn't representative of their character. They generally provided character reference letters and similar mitigating paperwork to the judge who subsequently dismissed the charges. I ran this possibility by my attorney and he flatly told me that this wasn't applicable to my case and recommended that I should simply take the plea deal. Why is it that my friend who punched his wife in the face can get off with no charges, but I'm forced to simply take the plea deal or risk a jury trial? Is it just a matter of retaining the wrong attorney? I'm duly remorseful for my actions and this type of behavior is absolutely not representative of my character. What gives?
It does not matter what anyone else has done...only what YOU are charged with. At more than twice the legal limit, you...
Early termination for DUI / expungement
I was sentenced for a DUI back in December 2016, my BAC was .10%. Sentenced 3 year probation. I wanted to know what are the chances of requesting an early termination and if possible an expungement. I work in a sensitive industry and if I have to apply to a new job I have to pray they will not deny me based on my mistake. I had all the required programs and paid all necessary fees as of 06/17. I had no tickets or run-ons with the law enforcement agency.
I'd wait till January, so long as you have a good reason and no prior criminal record, it's likely.
Am I going to be charged with DUI in California
I went to restaurant and damaged their fence with my truck. Nobody saw me do it. I was drunk, security came out and said call your wife and forget about the fence, I was outside my vehicle when CHP came (security called them) I had given my keys to my wife when she got there prior to CHP getting there. CHP gave me a breath test and it was 2.2. I had fallen prior to CHP getting there so he took me to hospital. While at hospital he gave nurse or doctor certificate of release but he gave me a form that says ADMINISTRATIVE PER SE SUSPENSION/REVOCATION ORDER AND TEMPORARY DRIVER LICENSE checked box 0.08% or more BAC Chemical Tests Results the form says in bottom left hand corner DS 367 (REV. 10/2012)
With those facts, you will probably be charged with a DUI, you need to hire an attorney to defend you. Also note you...
My son got 4 DUI my time will he get
he went to court yesterday but i still don't understand
If it's his fourth DUI within ten years, he could be charged with a felony. The maximum sentence is three years in...