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What will happen will happen to me? 17 year old with Drug Charges.
I received a DUI charge last April and got sentenced to 1 year probation, license suspension for a year and 100 community services.I completed my services and just 4 months more till finishing my probation and got caught with 10 ecstasy pills while also under the influence of acid. The cops took me to jail and released me after a couple of hours i am 17 years old and turning 18 in 2 months what will happen to me.The charges that the police wrote is possession of a controlled substance and under the influence of a controlled substance.Thanks for your time.
10 pills in OC? I'd be concerned with trafficking charges. You need a serious felony lawyer asap.
Is it 3 years I need to carry an sr22 from the date of the offense
I have a dui from 2010 I moved back to oc ca recently and I'm trying to get a ca drivers licence and the dmv says I have to complete the first offender dui classes , the insurance co says I need an sr22 and I 'm thinking they are trying to take advantage of me
Both requirements are correct. And, the SR22 is from date of obtaining through to completion of 3-years
Will they drug test me on my last court date that I get off probation?
I've complied to everything my obligations required and I get off this week, and I was just curious as to whether or not they will drug test me at the court house, since i am gettin off probation that day and since I have successfully met all the obligations given by the court.
Maybe, if testing clean is a term of your probation then the Court could order you to test, I doubt it, but if your...
A year is up.
Hello. A year ago this Halloween I received a dui and I went to court on the date on the citation. The DA said no case was filed with them from the arresting officer and they will contact me when it is filed. Not a word and the year is almost up. What happens now? As of 11-1-2016 can they still charge me? I heard after a year they can't charge me. Also my license was suspended 4 months but that is a DMV case. I live in So. California if that helps.
The statute of limitations is one year from the date of offense. If I were you I would take this down because some...
If I have a DUI and am currently on informal probation, will it inhibit me from obtaining a Real Estate Salesperson License?
Plead guilty to 23152(a)VC on 3/24/15. Had 23152(b)VC dismissed. Probation ends on 3/23/18. I no longer have restrictions on my license. I've completed all classes with no problems, and have no probation violations. All I have left to do is pay off the fine & finish my probation. Besides my DUI, my record is clean.
Generally speaking No, but Christine McCall is the person to ask such a question.
Dui for Marijuana help
This is confusing bit I really hope one of you can answer this. I'm 16 years old. About three weeks ago I got pulled over in California for Driving under the influence of Marijuana. Igot my license taken away and since then I got it back in the mail. The court said they are still investigating the Dui and that I will know Within 30 days. I'm still waiting on that.Last nnight I got pulled over for driving with 4 friends in the car. The cop gave me a ticket for disobeying a probation license. My question is, Can the courts review the ticket I just got last night and use it to make their decision to prosecute me of my Dui. Sorry I tried to word that the best way possible. And if you can also answer what do you think will happen with each incident? The dui and the ticket? Thanks alot -sam
First of all, the court is not the entity responsible for prosecuting and hence initiating criminal proceedings. The...
Being pulled over for brake light turned into dui, under influence of controlled substance, and possession of pipe
i wasn't on probation or parole had my car registration, insurance, and cdl. Because he saw 6 yrs . Ago I had been arrested for possession of glass pipe, he could pursue me to be on drugs and make me take a blood test after illegally searching my car, etc.?
You could benefit from meeting with an attorney to discuss further. Even if you decide not to hire the attorney the...