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Will dropped charges show up on a background check?
I was arrested and had an assault charge but the charges were dropped. This is the only thing I have on my record aside from simple traffic stuff. I am begining the process to get my gaming license. Will this show up or stop me from getting the license?
Yes, an arrest remains on your criminal case history unless it is expunged.
My ex is about to receive his 3rd DUI, but it's been more than 10 years since his 2nd. Can I win primary custody of our son?
My ex has a criminal drug record, and is abusing our 5 year old son.Though I've tried,judge tomasello in Burlington county family court refused to believe my son.His father punched him in the eye and gave him a black eye.He is 5 years old.I left him when our son was just 3 weeks old because he was abusing me.I had primary custody. Even though my son told DCP&P, the police, and even the court clerk what happened,Judge tomasello gave him primary custody.It seemed like it was just because he didn't like me.(I couldn't tell you why).The judge refused to believe my word and my child's word.My son tells me he is hitting his current gf.My ex has been maliciously filing court motions for custody (almost 40 since my sons birth),false police reports,and false referrals with DCP&P against me.Police and DCP&P compliants were all dismissed.I was found guilty of nothing.What he has been doing to me is called Vexatious Litigation.He just got a 3rd DUI 13 years after his 2nd.I know they will treat it as a 2nd in sentencing due to 13 years time between the two.Do I have a good chance of regaining primary custody because of his 3rd DUI and the fact that he will lose his license for 2years?Pleasehelp
Your questions cannot be answered without an in person consultation. Your situation is very unusual and I am certain...
How many times can a dui case be postponed in nj before you can motion to dismiss
dui postponed 3 times still have not seen discovery
Depends on reasons for postponement. Context would help here
Is the DWI machine you put in automobiles 4D date for DUI is it mandatory on the first offense
I got a ticket in 2014 for refusal I got attorney went to court for refusal could not get away for a refusal took the day state did the basic that the irgc when I went down to get my license back they said I was on the tears that I had to do a year of the machine and also I had to do 16 weeks and alcohol class which I didn't need to I didn't do agree with it called the attorney I gave him another $500 and went back to court and it said that it was mandatory all this stuff the judge and everything else and now I'm stuck I'm just able to I'm in Michigan and I can I get my driver's license back and I want to know what to do
Ignition Interlock may be mandatory based on the BAC level you plead guilty to. A lawyer would need to review your...
Are they going to drug test me?
So earlier in the year, I got charged with possession of paraphernalia and they put me on 6 months of unsupervised probation -- which also required I took a drug test every other month. I forgot about the drug tests and missed the last two so I have to appear in court tomorrow... are they going to drug test me ? Or what's going to happen
They may drug test you tomorrow, your guess is as good as ours, but I would be more worried about your Violation of...
Will I be charged for DUI?
I made a poor decision and got behind the wheel after a few drinks. -and this is where it gets complicated- I woke up in an emergency room the next morning. I had been found passed out behind the wheel at a stop light. No accident occurred, I had just blacked out at a stop light. An ambulance was called and I was brought into the ER. I do not remember speaking to a police officer, nor was a police officer present at the hospital during my time there. My blood was drawn and alcohol was found. I was allowed to leave the hospital and pick up my car from the local police impound with no charge to retrieve it. I have not been contacted by any law enforcement agency, or hospital staff. Was I charged with DUI? Should I expect a summons?
It is not just possible, it is virtually certain in Atlantic City. However, a lawyer may be able to examine the...
Can a dui arrest be thrown out if the reason he was stopped was not valid?
my son was pulled over for a tail light out...resulting in a dui arrest...when we picked his car up we checked the tail lights all were functioning perfectly
The best way to get off a DWI is to prove the reason for the stop was invalid. However just because the light is...