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  • Man recovers from flesh-eating bacteria

    Tuesday Aug 23 | via KRISTV.COM Corpus Christi 

    A man vacationing in Port Aransas is expected to make a full recovery after he contracted a flesh-eating bacteria earlier this summer. Adrian Ruiz, who is from Buda, faced possible amputation of his lower right leg after the infection spread.


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  • Twenty-six-year-old Brittany Parker, far left, went ...

    Monday Aug 1 | via KXAN-TV Austin 

    In the past week, an officers were injured while tumbling down a stairway during an arrest in which the suspect also attempted to remove his APD Officer Bryan Richter has been in the spotlight since video of him restraining Breaion King during a traffic stop became public July 21. HAYS COUNTY, Texas - Authorities say they have found and identified the body of a Buda woman who was reported missing since July 12 by her family.


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  • Bridge collapse kills girl, family suing Texas Dispo...

    Jul 26, 2016 | via KXAN-TV Austin 

    In the past week, an officers were injured while tumbling down a stairway during an arrest in which the suspect also attempted to remove his APD Officer Bryan Richter has been in the spotlight since video of him restraining Breaion King during a traffic stop became public July 21. SEALY, Texas - The family of a girl killed in a bridge collapse early this month in Sealy, Texas is suing the Texas Disposal Systems . Authorities say a garbage truck for the Buda company was traveling on Highway 36 with a boom raised.


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Buda Law

What will happen if I fail my drug test?
I am probation for a DWI and resisting arrest. I started probation a year ago and since then I have only been drug tested once and that was when I began probation. Since then i have completed my 3 required classes and all of my community service hours. I have never missed an appointment or been late to one. Since I've been doing so good i only have to check in every other month in person. I told my probo officer I was going out of state and now he is requiring me to take a drug test. There is a possibility that I may fail. What would happen if I did? Would the consequences be really bad even though I've been doing really well with my probation?
The consequences could be that your probation is revoked and you can be sentenced to the maximum amount of time that...
I would like help in understanding the DWI plea bargain / trial process?
Is there a way to raise the points of concern we have about an arrest/charges before accepting a plea ( not found driving, evidence of a blow out, breathalyzer administered many hours after accident and arrest, no blood tests despite obvious signs of impairment not typical of alcohol, etc)? Without going to trial, is there no way to fight for reduced/different charges? It seems strange that the charges are given and the only choices we have are either accept them or pay thousands of dollars for a trial. My son, who is the one actually facing the charges, just wants to "get this over with" and accept plea bargain (I know paying for a trial is out of his reach and think this is his primary reason for just wanting to accept a plea). Thank you so much~
Depends. In some jurisdictions, there's a no bargaining policy, but what you're saying doesn't make sense. First,...
Hays County DWI exit evaluation/assessment
I received a DWI in Hey's County. I'm nearing the end of my probation and I'm told next time I'll be completeing an exit evaluation/assessment. What does an exit evaluation/assessment consists of and how long do they last? Was there a particular term for this evaluation? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
Ask your probationer officer or better yet the attorney who handled the case
Failed urinalysis for THC. I have DWI in Hays County
I have a DWI in Hays count. How much trouble am I in? I was stupid and in a lapse of better judgement smoked weed a friend, I ended up getting drug tested at probation which I failed for THC. I live in Dallas and my probation officer gave me a drug offenders program but was worried about what Hays County might do. Will I have to go down to see my probation officer, will I face jail time, what are the consequences?
The ramifications are to various to even guess. Your probation officer can recommend to the court that you do...
I will be accepted into DWI court in Travis county, does this mean my felony dwi will revert to a misdemeanor?
I had a child in the car.
It is up to the prosecution whether or not they want to offer a reduction in charges, etc. Get an attorney immediately,...
Is it prudent to argue against a DWI case BAC >.15? The defendant was a minor (19 yo) at time of arrest.
Defendant was arrested following a 1-car accident (no injuries or property damage), reportedly failed FSTs, and had a BAC >.15. He was 19 at the time, reported the accident himself with a call to 911. Assuming he admitted to driving, is it reasonable to continue to "fight" the charge? I'm obviously not an attorney, but it seems this particular charge tends to not end in any reductions in the original charge according to the verdicts I've seen on the Hays county website. Feels like an expensive, losing battle...... Please advise ~
Trust your instinct on this one, as well as the research you've done. That BAC is nearly double the limit in many...
Should field sobriety tests have been administered to someone who just had a "major" accident, & are those results reliable?
Defendant was found walking near accident scene (car was ultimately declared a total loss). He reportedly couldn't say where he'd been, where he was going, or how the accident happened. The arresting officer interpreted this as an indicator of intoxication and proceeded to administer field sobriety tests, which the defendant failed. Could it not be argued that the tests were failed due to defendants having just been in a "major" accident, as it has been classified on the arrest records? Should the tests have been administered at all, considering the accident (defendant was taken to ER after being arrested for DWI, and discharged to the county jail)?
Should they have been administered? Sure. The cops can administer them if they have evaluated that the suspect is a...