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I was driving by myself when I zoned out and drifted into the shoulder, I quickly over corrected and rolled my car. I came out with no injury, or harm to others and I was not under the influence of alcohol when this all happened. The cop had asked me if I had had a drink that night and I said that I had 2 beers over a 7 hour period. She did not breathalyze me or ask any further questions, however she still gave me a DUI citation since I was a minor. I was in shock from having just rolled the car and was just trying to be transparent. Is there anyway to fight this even though I gave her that statement?
You REALLY need an attorney to help you with this! For DUI Minor charges in Texas, an officer only needs to show that...
My DUI happened after an accident that put me off driving entirely. In my 21y.o. naïveté I thought I could just hand everything over to an attorney and have the case handled. Years passed and I eventually realized my mistake. I'm finally ready to tackle this issue, but I can't seem to find any info about cases as old and dormant as mine.
I would assume you have a warrant out on the DUI and a warrant will toll any statute of limitations issue. You really...
no prior convictions
It's already part of your public record. How quickly it will show up will just depend on how the company does their...
i live in austin texas, and i am in orlando doing a contract project at the convention center. I jsut got a dui, and it says I have 10 days to dispute it and i can get a hardship license. It says my license wil be suspended for up to a year. If my drivers license was issued in texas does that mean that the same thing will happen in Texas, and if so can I get a hardship license?
Yes, although there is always the possibility that it will take time or perhaps get lost,, but plan on getting a...
I have not been to prison or jail -i received probation other times. Police took blood it was over .08.Good samaritan saw me in restaurant and called police when I left and followed me home behind police car and I was arrested in my garage. Should I accept plea- I am very frightened
It depends. If this is your first DWI, the punishment sounds very steep.
Im 53 quit drinking 10 years ago work full time and stay out of trouble married with a 4 yo girl i know i screwed up but im a different person now i dont wanna go to jail
You could be subject to a jail term up-to 10 years for violating probation and "skipping out" the last 14 years. I...
2 min after violation I try it again it shows warn after 2 min again warn I haven't had any alcohol at all expect the mouth wash that day!I have to make the drug urine test every week never a problem til yet.Whats gonna happen with me please I need help I am so scared!!!Thanks in advance
The failures will be logged and reported to your Probation Officer when they are uploaded and sent to the Probation...