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Will I still be charged for a dui?
I was arrested last night under suspicion of DUI. When I was released this morning, they didn't give me a ticket/citation or say anything about a court date. I've called the municipal court and the gentleman that I spoke with said that he didn't see anything for me in the system. This is my first offense and I'm not quite sure how these things work. Any advice would be great!
In the event you are going to be charged, it is not uncommon for the criminal summons to be mailed to you. In the...
Help with probation for DUI
I'm almost done with a two year probation and I've done everything I need to do, according to my probation officer. However, one of my terms of probation was to complete a 90 day SCRAM anklet, which I haven't completed. Should I bring this up?
Bring it up to whom? If no one else is mentioning it, I see no reason to bring it up. It would have been prudent to...
Why wouldn't a DWI show up on a 'case net' record... ie... https://www.courts.mo.gov
My significant other was arrested for DWI in Missouri almost 5 years ago. There were two responding officers from different municipalities, one of whom she knew personally... The other officer gave her a breathalyzer which she willing submitted to. The officer she knew later told her that he was going to say that she refused to blow. This led to her being charged with a Refusal of Breathalyzer. At the hearing the judge was admittedly confused because he was seeing two different reports from each of the officers which prompted him to dismiss the charge. My question is.... Since this charge was dismissed, what happened to the DWI? The only charge listed on case net is the refusal to blow. I am currently awaiting a full Missouri Driver's Record from the state which will hopefully clear this up; but in the meantime, I'd like to get some advise as to what we should expect. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I can't tell you with any degree of certainty what I am going to have for dinner tonight, much less a) what happened...
In short, I have had 3 DUI's and had my license revoked for 10 years.
It has been 6 out of 10 years on my license revocation and I am having difficulty finding jobs w/o a car. Is that ANY VIABLE OPTIONS I can explore like a limited driving privilege of some sort??? I live in Missouri. Any HELP would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
Speak with a local attorney. The attorneys on this web site can only provide general information and discuss legal...
The state pick up the DUI the city dropped it, its the 4th DUI he didn't blow and they didn't take blood how can they prove it?
My boyfriend was pulled over for going 1 to 4 miles over the speed limit and not maintaining a lane plus was driving on a suspended! He didn't blow and they didn't take blood so how can they prove its a DUI, plus I had his pants down giving him head when the officer came to the window he told him to zip his pants and buckle his belt
They can prove it via the officers' observations of your boyfriend's behavior. A fourth DWI can be a felony, I would...
Yesterday one of my car's was hit head on parked legally on my dead end circle street. Driver was arrested for dui and multiple
This car was legally parked. The driver was impaired and taken to jail. Clearly at fault. My question is we currently were not using the car, so we left our coverage drop off. The police department gave us the report number and his insurance policy number. What are the next step? How will not having coverage at this time affect this process. His car totaled, heavy damaged mine. Thanks in advance
Call the insurance company and start the claim process. The fact that you did not have insurance does not make any...
How does the suspended imposition of Sentense for DWI affect my process with the DACA renewal.
Hi. I was recently pulled over for DWI in October of 2015. I have gone through my court proceedings and my attorney got me a Suspended Imposition of Sentense and the charge was for operating vehicle with defective equiptment. I am now about to be in the renewal process for my DACA paperwork as that is my immigration status.
Any alcohol-related issues that may pop up in your background may cause problems with DACA renewal; however, if there...