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What is DWI with Drugs and refusal to blood test ?what are the odds of beating it.
My son is charged with DWI Drugs and refusal to take a blood test. He wrecked his car and I was there. He was not under the influence of alcohol, he blew 0 and they searched his car and found nothing. He had gotten stitches that day in his knee. they came out in the wreck. He could not walk the line and he has a condition in which his pupils stay large and he was taken to jail. I want to know if this is proper and what his chances are of being found not guilty or lesser charge. He said he was bright lighted and something hit his windshield. His windshield was shattered at the rearview mirror. The state trooper said he grabbed it when he wrecked.
Your son is going to need to hire a DUI lawyer to fight this case. These are all questions he can ask that lawyer...
Just curious on if i should fight the charge of driving while intoxicated
Can a cop give me a DWI in my own drive way.. I was not in the car the car was not running and I had the keys in my pocket.. and they towed my car with it covered by insurance.
Obviously so or you wouldn't be asking this question. What you really want to know is can you fight it. A qualified...
Do I have to pose position of vehicle to be found get
Got dwi keys weren't in the ignition neither was I took blood test my prescription showed up zancs do I have to pose position of the vehicle in order to be found guilty
DWI is proven two ways: driving or "actual control of the vehicle." ACV can be proven with circumstantial evidence....
Is this legal?? They had no proof I was driving, or even over the legal limit! Did not know they could arrest me off scene.
I was arrested for a dwi at my home. I had wrecked my car into a sidewalk about 2 blocks from my home. I didn't have my phone so I walked home to get it. By the time I was going back to the scene, officers showed up to arrest me. I refused the breathalyzer test so was taken to jail and had my license taken away.
You need to talk to a lawyer and you need to do that now. DWIs are serious and have very serious implications. In...
Can I sue them . Can I get out of the DUI with medicine
On December the 19th my medicine made me leave the house. The city cops put me in jail. I remember sign stuff ,I had no idea what it was. One cop tried to wake me 3 times. My doctor said they should have called an ambulance.
You have not provided any information with which someone can provide you with even general suggestions. You should...
They charged me with a 3rd dui & I only have one conviction could the case have been dropped on those grounds before I agreed?
I have been charged with a 3rd dui in Arkansas. I currently have a public defender. but I have only had one dui conviction in the past 13 years. Arkansas has a 5 year wash out. my public defender told the district attorney prosecuting the case that and came and asked me if it was ok if they changed it to a second offence. I said ok I guess. my thinking was a second is better than a third. now I wonder if I made a mistake.
I almost hate to answer this because I don't want to undermine your attorney. But if what you have said here is true,...
How could I go about getting my license back without having to do classes?
I got a DUI 3 years ago and I work out of town and work from daylight to dark everyday , they expect me to take classes to get my license reinstated but I don't have time to go to the classes.
You are not going to get around the classes. The law actually got considerably tougher since 2011, so if you got one...