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What do I do when a tow truck driver refuses to let me redeem my vehicle when I wasn't even notified of the tow being authorized
My bf was driving my truck and went arond the corner to cousins house parked along side of rd. Prkd truck not running and randomly cops show up force removd him n search the truck. They called a tow truck driver using a DUI accusation to get a tow impund. gave bf the impnd report and left him with no charges or being arrested. He said he offered to have me called to be informed but they refused to listen. Next day tried 2 redeem truck the drvr refused release. Trk was move to diff county jurs king co. Incdt happens in pierce co. Went to 911 pcpd and they said the case was closed no charges filed or pending. Need to redeem first before contesting. Went to tow yard again he called the cops had us removed. Called over the phone to pay no answer. Aunt calld thy no acpt pymnt. Not answ # now
You are on the right track, even though the Court will likely say the tow was OK because of the circumstances under...
What can i do when my truck was towed due to a lie from a harassing police officer and saying i got a dui to get it removed?
i parked in front of my familys house along the side of the rd in a residential neighborhood with no side walks or curbs. someone called the police and they showed up and took me out of my truck called tow company amd said got a dui impound.. after truck got towed the officer left me on rd at 1:30am and didnt give me no charges or court date. even tho i was not under influence. i called the sargent and he said there was no report.
You mistakenly put this question in the bankruptcy section. It really belongs in the general practice section. Other...
Am I able to get an ignition interlock device on a car I do not own?
I was arrested for a DUI in 2011, but it was reduced to reckless driving. I was just again arrested for a DUI charge (2013). I'm hoping to plead for a deferred prosecution, which I know entails an Ignition Interlock Device. My boyfriend and I currently share a car, which is registered in his and his mothers name. Would I be able to get the IID installed in their car, with their consent, even though my name is not on the car?
It shouldn't be a problem. I definitely suggest that you consult with a locally experienced DUI attorney to discuss...
20 yr old issued a ticket in Wa. St for BAC level of .039
My 20 yr old son was pulled over last night (in WA. State) @2am outside our neighborhood for having 1 headlight brighter then the other. The officer asked him if he had been drinking. He said yes he had 1/4 of a beer @9:30pm. He passed all sobriety test but failed the BAC @.039 (I believe WA st. minor limit is .02). He was read his rights and arrested, taken to the station given a second breath analysis @.040. The officer then brought him home right away and had his car impounded. He has a citation for not dimming his headlights and of course a ticket for DUI. Court date set in April. He also has a DMV form to request a DUI Hearing with a $375 filling fee. What is recommended to do? Should he get a lawyer? Do we fill out the DUI hearing form? Advice please.
The short answer is YES. DUIs are serious, expensive, complicated and unpleasant and he should absolutely get a lawyer....
I got a no test dui for intoxicating lquor. Yeah I did the breathelizer 3 times negative. So officer placed machine out of servc
officer refused to give me pbt and would not take blood. Officer lied on the stand repeatedley. the all female jury cinvicted me
What is your question? Sounds like you don't like the way your case played out, but what are you asking?
When can I get a misdemeanor removed from my record? Pled down from a DUI
I plead down from a DUI and received a reckless driving. This was two years ago. I was told that after three years you can move to have it expunged, but then I was told you have to wait 10 years now. I was just turned down from a job, because this is on my record. Also is it possible to have it removed from my driving record as well for job purposes?
The reason you were given conflicting information is because the law is ambiguous and could be interpreted in one of...
Neg1 driving is a criminal offense?
Got pulled over for DUI 2 years ago. Lawyer got reduced to neg1/wreckless endangerment as deal. Recently, prospective employer done background check, and neg1 was criminal offense. My lawyer at the time informed me that neg1 would only show on my driving record, and wreckless endangerment as criminal. Is this correct, or did the company doing background mess up?
Driving first degree is a misdemeanor criminal offense. Reckless endangerment is a gross misdemeanor criminal offense