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If I was hit by a drunk driver do they have to pay for the diagnostic inspection
I was stopped at a stoplight when I was hit by a drunk driver
From the information you provided, it sounds like the other driver was at fault for the accident and would be...
DUI in New Mexico DMV will not issue a interlock license. I was asked to call Santa Fe the results were a revoked license for li
Is a revoked for life even possible? Will I need an attorney to drive again. Currently moving to AZ. On probation for 10 more months
Usually only when you have four or more convictions, and even then it is for ten years, which can be challenged in...
What is a viol-lock 4days mean,
I went to take my retest and the device came unplugged after I blew and now it says viol-lock4days. Why?!?
This is a repeat question. See previous answers.
What is a viol-lock 4days mean,
I went to take my retest and the device came unplugged after I blew and now it says viol-lock4days. Why?!?
I would contact the company you're using to ask this question, but I would assume it means a violation lock that is...
How can they get away with bringing up old dwi's to extort me out of more money just because of a new law, 7 years later?
My first and ONLY dwi of 35 years of clean driving record, paid and complied with every demand, full compliance to the letter of law. Over 7 years later, a new law in affect, they pull up an old dui, refuse my license and extorting more money from me. Holding my license hostage till I pay up AGAIN!!! Somebody has got to do something about these people and thier stupid laws! I live in a very small rural town in the middle of no where, not much traffic, trying to comply and abide by the rules. look at HUMAN circumstances! Ignition Interlocks, PLEASE! anyone can blow in them to start a vehicle, call it what it is, A SCAM and EXTORTION, I even tried to comply with that, My vehicle is a motorcycle and I am refused ignition lock. Just how far are they allowed to go with my rights, freedom!
Because driving is a prilege, one which you abused, and not a right, they can get away with a lot.
What are my chances of jail time for careless driving in New Mexico?
I was driving at night in new mexico and almost missed getting onto my exit ramp. I made the exit and continued to brake, but suddenly my tires skidded and i jerked the wheel a bit too far. My car was fighting me and i tried to straighten it out. It flipped once and the ambulance came to get me. I got a citation for careless driving, and i have to appear in court in front of a judge. What are my chances of fighting this or is it likely I'm going to jail? I am also fromout of state.
Jail is not very likely. You mostly should be concerned about the insurance rates going up. Careless driving puts a lot...
Can I get charged with DUI, Endangering the welfare of a minor and no drivers license while being in a car rollover?
Had 2 to 3 beers and speeding tried to stop but pushed the brakes to hard which intended us to roll.
Yes to all. Changing category to DUI. You need an attorney ASAP.