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What does OAX stand for?
Defence suggested this in ex husbands 4th DUI cconviction.
Please call me. I am unsure as to what that acronym stands for, but with more context I am sure I can help you.
Where are court ordered hair follicle test taken at?
If I have to take a court ordered drug hair follicle test for pretrial will my hair sample be collected by my PO at the location where I go to physically meet my PO when I have to go see them and take a urine or am I sent to a different location to have my hair sample collected ?
A different location, because the PO does not have the facilities and protocols in place to manage chain of custody of...
What will happen if my pretrial UA comes back diluted or has low creatine levels?
I am on pretrial supervision. I call check in one week and come to see my PO every other week. I might have to take a UA that every other week depending on whether my PO wants to test me or not, sometimes they do sometimes they don't and all my UAs so far were negative. I was recently told I have inflammation of the kidney and liver and have to drink a lot of water to avoid it getting worse which I told my PO. The day/night before my physical check in I drank 3/4 of a 2 liter of water. The day of I drank 3/4 of a gallon of water and took my UA 6 hours later. I didn't know about dilution or creatine levels until after I consumed that much when my treatment counselor mentioned I shouldn't drink too much water because it could mess up my UAs taken at the treatment center or pretrial. I am 6'1 and weigh 170, what are the chances of my test accidently being diluted or having low creative level and if so will I be able to retest with another UA to prove I haven't been using and it was an accident or will I be violated ? It's been a week since my UA and I have no warrant out for my arrest.
I really wouldn't worry about it. You will not have a positive test result, which is the main concern. if they raise...
How will I know if I passed a urine test for my pretrial Supervision ?
Its been a week and three days since I last took my UA for pretrial supervision and I have five more days until my next appointment for another sample. Its only my second test taken, the first one being dirty due to my prior use before entering pretrial services. I wanted to know, will my Pretrial Supervisor contact me if I failed or wait till our next appointment to let me know. And, if I did fail what will be the results ?
Since none of us lawyers work for pre-trial no know if your results will be back you will have to call them. Fail...
What to do about a failed test
The past few nights I've soaked my dentures in listerine and I've had a failed test
Speak with your attorney about this. A failed test will extend your ignition interlock for one month. Four months or...
How does a dwi/dui appear on a Maryland MVA report?
I am trying to determine how to read a Maryland MVA report that lists suspension but no details.
WE're not MVA employees and this isn't a legal question. Speak to MVA for advice on how to to read their report.
Why would a 1st offense DUI/DWI not appear on MD case search?
1st offense 2005 DUI/DWI (can't remember which) does not appear on MD case search. Other charges from the same incident appear (no process & pbj), but not the DUI/DWI. I am trying to determine my own record for a future employment search. When I run internet based "criminal record" searches, nothing comes up. Thanks.
You can order a full criminal background check on yourself. You also can request your driving record from the DMV.