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I am a Registered Nurse, 10 years, working in the NICU, and need to know what my options are after being charged with theft.
I worked at a hospital for 8 years, with no medication errors or incidents. A neonatal dose of medicine was supposedly missing from a medication dispensing machine during a 3 month overdue audit by a Pharmacy tech. I was approached regarding the discrepancy and stated I did not recall removing said med. I was innocent. The hospital's protocol when a med is missing is not how I was treated. I was ultimately terminated. I was never accused of using the med and offered to take a drug screen 3 times. They simply stated it was missing. Initially, I was denied unemployment, but was reversed after a hearing stating I was terminated without just cause. This same year, it was license renewal. I went before the Board of Nursing and was issued my license "free and clear". I was not aware the police were contacted, but 6 months after, I received a Notice to Appear. 18 months later, 7 depositions all in my favor, and determined to maintain my career, I was coerced into signing a plea 2 days before trial. In hindsight, my attorney made it sound appealing. I received 1 year unsupervised probation with a charge of theft. I have been unable to find a job. Can I ask for expungement after 1 yr?
Before taking a plea, you attorney would have explained your options. No one denies you the right to a trial. If your...
How long does it take for a saliva drug test to come back when tested at probation indiana?
Asking for a friend.
There is no definite time. If it is clean he/she probably won't hear anything. He/she knows if there is something to...
Will a 10 year old DUI conviction affect sentencing for a current DUI case?
My partner is being charged with a Class A misdemeanor for operating with a BAC above .15%. He has a past DUI conviction from over 10 years ago. I understand because the conviction is so old it cannot enhance the sentence, but is this something that would mean he is likely to face the steeper end of 1st time offense penalties? Can a judge consider an offense so far back when sentencing?
Yes. Prior criminal history is one of the most important factors a judge considers in sentencing. This is especially...
How can I complete an Illinois DUI Program in Indiana?
I received a DWI in Illinois and need to complete a Level 2 Significant Program in Indiana. This consists of 10 hours of Remedial Education followed by 20 hours of group or individual counseling. I really want to get this started as soon as possible and do as much as I can online if at all possible. Where can I do this in the state of Indiana?
If this is for the Secretary of State, you can do the ten hours online at TomWilsoncounseling.com. If for the courts...
Can my Probation be violated with a thc level of 12ng/ml drug screen
I am on probation in Indiana and had a positive drug screen for thc at a high level then four months later another positive screen at a level of 12ng/ml. Is this a high enough level to be considered a failed drug screen or to be enough evidence to prove current use.
You should expect a violation to be filed as any amount detected is a basis for revoking probation. However, a low...
Can I get a 2000 DUI Felony Expunged and sealed? What are the requirerments?
Got a DUI Felony in 2000, I have not been in trouble since. Can I and what are the requirerments to get my record expunged and sealed in Lafayette Indiana?
Best to read Ic 35-38 for requirements. Can't answer specifically because need more facts. A lawyer sure could help you...
I have a friend who was arrested on a warrent for not returning a breathalyzer. But he was on unsupervised probatation.
Will he get 30 days in jail.
Your friend needs to speak with a private criminal defense attorney. Jail depends upon the facts, none of which we know...