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Can you purchase a handgun and the state of Michigan after having a DWI ?
Went to Purchase a firearm but was Denied After having any DWI
The state law doesn't prohibit possession or ownership violations under those circumstances. However, rules &...
Can I still get my nursing degree with a misdemeanor for a DUI and a malicious destruction of property?
2012 caught a DUI charge learned from that. No trouble since. 2016 was charged with Malicious Destruction of property. I only plead guilty because I was scared and didn't know all my rights. I fleet like I was tricked into pleading guilty for something I didn't do
Contact someone in authority over nursing regulation and ask them. However, I have represented many nurses and nursing...
Can I be in a bar or drink?
I got pulled over and got a OWI and bailed myself out the next day. I have my license and everything but they never said anything on what I could or could not do. This is my first offense and only thing ever being in trouble for.
If you are out on bond, you should have received a bond document which has your terms and conditions listed on it. If...
Is there a way, in WA and/or MI for someone with a license suspended for DUI to obtain temporary driving priviledges?
14 years ago, at age 23, my boyfriend incurred 2 DUIs and had his drivers license revoked in the state of Michigan. Now living in Washington and 37 years old he is starting his own small business as a General Contractor and needs the ability to drive. Previously, in college and living in the city, he has not had as great a need to drive, but his lack of a license is now impacting his ability to earn a living and advance his career. A few years ago he completed all the steps required by Michigan to regain his license (drug test, AA meetings, letters of support, etc) but was told by a family member that he was required to have a lawyer, and since he couldn't afford one at the time all of that has expired. Can any of that be useful now or must he redo all of it?
He has done much of the footwork, which is great, but it all will need to be updated. It's a very technical process,...
Can not knowing that the beer contained whiskey that got you over the 0.08 BAC limit be considered an involuntary intoxication?
In my DUI case, I never asked myself a question how come three light beers at 4.2 alc./vol and two 16oz Oberons at 5.8alc/vol got me over the .08 BAC... I used some BAC calculators calculation and none puts me over the .08. My PBT 30 minutes after last Oberon was .1.13 and DataMaster 1hr 46 minutes after was .08. Now, I realized that the strangers I was playing pool and drinking after somewhat mocking the American beers (sorry!) got me those Oberons and told me "you will like it, this is a special one". I am positive now they added whiskey to them! This would add up on the BAC calculators. Is it a valid and reasonable doubt-level defense?
You could certainly try to sell that. I very, very, very much doubt any judge will buy it. Good luck.
Does BAC at the time of driving calculated using Widmark's retrograde extrapolation method matters in Michigan DUI cases?
I am a male that was tested with 0.08 BAC by DataMaster DTM 1:46 minutes after detention. I finished my last 16oz draft Oberon with 5.8% alc/vol at 2:15AM. Using Widmark's retrograde extrapolation method with average elimination rate of 0.015/hr, 184Lbs weight it results with 0.068347 BAC (or 0.07 if rounded). I have a bank statement showing my tab being closed at 2:04AM. Even with finishing the drink exactly at the last call 1:45AM (which is impossible) this would give me BAC at the stop time of 0.076. Does this argument have any weight in Michigan courts?
A retrograde extrapolation can be a winning argument, but it is up to a jury. The evidence would need to be presented...
Please define the restrictions to my restricted license.
I just received a restricted license. It has terms on it that state I may not consume any intoxicants, or any drug/alcohol related activity. I received a Dui, which resulted in this. I am not an alcoholic, in fact I drink socially once a month or so. I made a bad judgement call by driving after having a couple glasses of wine at a class reunion. Does this restriction apply to when i am driving or all the time? If i am not driving i do not understand whose business it is. I am not on probation with the court and I am using an interlock system for a year.
You can't drive with any measurable amount of so how in your system. I tell clients 24 hours between drinking and...