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How do I get a dui expunged off my record?
Unable to get a job
More details would be helpful, but generally DUIs cannot be expunged and are subject to record restriction in Georgia.
Does ga take al jail credit?
I was on probation in al and ga. Had it all transferred to al. Failed drug test and al revoked . Been locked up 4 years in al and go to ga in April . What do u think ga will do to me for a technical violation after serving 4 years? My p.0 in ga said time is running concurrent
If the time runs concurrently and you have served all remaining time, you may be released upon your arrival and court...
I got a failure to yield making a left turn ticket though the person that hit me got a DUI what should I do?
I was turning left to get to a gas station and where i got hit it is a caution 45 miles per hour zone from a 55 mph zone, and the person that hit me got a DUI and the passenger got an open container charger. Where this intersection is it is over a hill and there is 3 seconds approx. from where you top the hill and you cross over the intersection and 9 sec. total going from the caution speed sign to the intersection going at 55 miles per hour. I am certain that they were speeding and totaled my car but I dont know what to do. If there are any lawyers who would help that would be wonderful. I am in the west ga area. if you are interested in taking my case. Thank you for your time.
You need to hire an attorney in your area on the citation and the auto accident. Use this avvo find a lawyer section...
What consequences am I looking at? And what is the best way to minimize them?
A few years ago I was put on probation for 4 years for 3 dew's . Last year in October I missed a report date and my probation officer issued a warrant . I haven't taken care of this yet because I now have two children and haven't had the money and didn't want to be put in jail . I am now trying to resolve this . What are my best options ?
Your best option is to get the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney without delay. By deciding on your...
I have a DUI in CA.
Can i obtain a driver license in GA.
Not licensed in either state, but in general, no, not until you have CA reinstate your license in CA. CA and GA are...
What can i do to fight a wrongful DUI? Littering to a DUI?
My girlfriend was pulled over for littering(cigarette), told police she had 2 beers earlier (few hours prior) passed field sobr. Test but refused breathalyzer thinking it could be false reading so they didn’t do chemical test, definitely wasn’t drunk, found a grinder in her car with potentially a small crumb size of marijuana maybe, if that big. DUI? is there something to why she was continually being tested. No record, never even smelled of alcohol or police didn’t say. Says she passed an initial breathalyzer but refused state so immediately DUI and off to jail. After passing field sobriety tests too. How can we fight the DUI? She definitely wasn’t over the limit.
You and she absolutely can't fight this without an attorney. Hopefully, she sees how stupid she was for littering....
Statues Of Limitation for a DUI?
I was charged last year January for a misdemeanor DUI I went to court and my lawyer took the case and I am just waiting to see what’s next my lawyer is waiting for evidence does my case met the requirements for the statues of limitations
Timing sounds about right for Richmond County and no it doesn't sound like you case will meet those requirements.