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2nd Citation for underage drinking in 6 months.
It was at a concert and it was liquor enforcement. They asked me what I drank and I said vodka. I had neither my license nor alcohol on me and on the citation I received it said I was over 18 with possession. Can i get out of this because they got my information wrong and I did not actually have anything on me? Thanks a lot I appreciate the feedback.
Your admission that you drank vodka does not help, but without evidence of actual possession, there are some weaknesses...
Hi, I am wondering how to proceed on a public drunkennes citation in PA. What should I plead?
The citation is just for public drunkennes and it says the defendant was manifestly under the the influence of alcohol in a public place. Is there a real possiblity to be sent to prison for this? (I have read you could get imprisoned for up to 90 days). Also, is there a way to ask for something like community service to solve this issue? thanks
Although PA has adopted unified practice rules, consequences and potential resolutions vary widely from county to...
2nd Dui PA - is Plea Bargaining Possible
I completed ARD from a 2010 dui. I received another dui last week. Can a dui be plea bargained to a lesser charge in PA. Also, is there anything, besides finding a lawyer I should be doing now?
I would recommend talking to an experienced DUI defense lawyer in your area that can review the facts of your case and...
DUI, probation.
My brother got DUI in 2014. As per court order he was supposed to attend some classes 3 times (3 days). He did, but only 2 times. He paid all fines, but missed one class (one day). Now, he called the court, and they told him everything is ok. Is it possible he has a warrant issued? How can we find out about it? Can he get any documents from the court that he fulfilled his obligations? I know he had a probation officer assigned, should he contact him? I mean, we have no idea if can even drive in PA (we live in NJ). Please help.
Your brothers first call should be to the attorney that represented him in this matter.
Is it worth it in the long run to get my case expunged?
In 2014, when I was 18, I got an underage drinking citation. I plead guilty, paid fines, and did community service in order to get my case dismissed. I'm a junior nursing student and I'm afraid that when I graduate in 2017, my dismissed case will come up in my record when employers view my criminal record. I was wondering if it was worth it to get my case expunged.
Heres the thing, would you be asking if it wasnt?? Its always better to have a clean recors if you can afford it.
Is it possible to receive an underage drinking citation/summons from the Philadelphia PD in the mail with this new provision?
The Philadelphia PD has a new provision stating that they will issue handwritten or electronic citations on the spot to offenders/defendants.
It is possible. Technology is ever changing, but mistakes happen too. What were you told?
Charged with underage. First or second offense?
A few months back I was stopped for underage drinking however in court it was knocked to a disorderly conduct. Now a few weeks ago I received another underage, (I'm an idiot I know) and I was just wondering if this will be considered my first or second offense seeing as my last one was knocked to disorderly.
It would be a first. Your not an idiot. You may need to speak to a counselor get some help.