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Is there a way to clear a dui from your h6?
i have a five year old dui and i want it gone for a really good job lined up.
No, you cannot remove it from your H6. Maybe after 10 years, but it's only been five. Sorry.
How can I best help my 22 y.o.son to get a good defense from appointed lawyer?
My son passed out from not eating and hit a parked car. He was taken to hospital and arrested. DUII charges were filed 6 months later. He is on prescribed medication for bipolar, and was taking it without incidents for 2 years. His license was suspended and. still is. Too many problems have arose because his appointed counsel doesn't care enough to find out the whole story. Is it worth it to file a motion for a Marsen hearing at his next. Court date? Which is tomorrow morning.
A problem that you have is that you can't tell a court appointed attorney what to do if you want to be involved and get...
Did i violate my PO if i got contact with other police officers? Will i go to jail4not showin up for the 1st day of work release
Will I go to jail if I didn't show up for the first day of work release and if I got in contact with other police officers? I didnt show up because i didnt have the money for it , im helping my mother because shes sick , she does dialysis and has rheumatoid arthritis, she needs help in alot of things. And when i was helping my sister to move out of her house, she started driving and i seen a friend and told my sister to pull over so I can talk to him so she did and then he asked if we can give him a ride to go get some gas and we we did then a sheriff pulled us over because they said that they thought that the car that my friend was in was a stolen vehicle so that's how he started of being in contact with the police officers... what should i do? Should i just turn myself in? And if i do how much time do u think im looking at? Please help...
You need to speak to your Probation Officer about this and your lawyer.
How do I know if I need an SR-22 if I have never had a license before and got 2 DUIs back in 2011?
I got 2 DUI’s back in 2011 I am currently taking care of them doing the classes and paying the fines. They said after 3 month of being enrolled in the DUI classes I can get my license. In the meantime I wanted to get a restricted license. I have never had a license before so I’m not sure if it was ever suspended? One person at the DMV said I just need to pay the fines do the 3 month then take the test to get my license. Then the other said I needed an SR-22. Where can I call to make sure I need an SR-22 to get a restricted license in California?
You should call Mandatory Actions in Sacramento, 1 916.657.6525, they should be able to tell you exactly what's...
I was convicted with 23103a, and 23593a. From what I'm understanding, this is a wet reckless conviction.
I was not arrested (had to do a book & release almost a year later), nor was I pulled over. The day of my incident I hit a tow hitch with my fender then parked in a parking spot. I had side effects with my medication. They lessened my charge of DUI & hit and run (because I went in the bank before the cops arrived). There was no alcohol involved. I took care of my suspended license 6 months before I was even charged. I lost my job because of the charge and now they want to Re-hire me. What can I do to change wet to dry reckless. Can I take driving school? I need these charges corrected so I can drive for work and move forward in nursing school without complications. Please advise. Thank you.
You need to check your paperwork, 23103a "pursuant to 23103.5" is a "wet" reckless, your lawyer will know what you were...
6th DUI San Bernardino County California now what?
She got popped on her 6th DUI in less than 6-years while on felony probation for her 5th DUI. All of these arrests and convictions were in San Bernardino County California. All within 6-years. She was sentenced to 3-years in county and did 1 year of it. She has been in and out of rehab, did the SCRAM monitor, etc. So how much state prison time is she getting this time?
She is facing up to three yards for the new offense. Other enhancements could increase that.
Got arrested for a first DUI after a minor car accident, BAC level most likely over .20. What are the expected charges?
Hello, I got into a car accident this weekend while drinking and driving.. No one was hurt and my car was towed. I did the blood test at a nearby hospital before the jail and I am almost positive my BAC level will be over .2. Would i get an aggravated DUI for a high BAC level as well as an accident? Any jail time?
Your DUI will be enhanced if your BAC is over .15. Get an attorney. You have the DMV to deal with within 10 days of the...