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  • Theftus interruptus in Little Canada

    Jan 12, 2016 | via Roseville Review 

    Theft There were few leads in the case of the missing wallet, though the 24-year-old woman who lost it thought she might have left it on the counter at the business she visited in the 1500 block of Larpenteur Avenue Dec. 21. No dice; the business never found it, and the woman reported the loss of the wallet, ID, credit cards and $135 in cash. Shoplifting A gutsy teenager tossed merchandise into his backpack at the SuperAmerica in the 1300 block of Larpenteur Avenue and made off with the goods Dec. 16. Clerks provided police with a description of the juvenile, but they never tracked the suspect down.


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I got an underage at the beginning of the month and my court date is coming soon, i just wanted to know what will the judge ask.
This is my first underage, and the first time i have EVER been in trouble. I'm scared to go to court and i just want to know what he will ask me, when I'm there. I was not holding any alcohol i was just running around my house being obnoxious when the cops got there. Do you think the judge will ask me where i got the alcohol from? Or will he just read off what has happened, then say what do i plead?
Plead not guilty. If you are asked about your date of birth, or asked to confirm your date of birth, say that you...
Can they charge me when the machine dont work [hgn]
i took the breathtest on site 2 times didnt register 1 at police dept ,didnt register ,2 different machines can they still use these ,i crawled out of vehicle and directed traffic until police showed up ,middle of december .raining ,very cold i refused the standing on 1 foot ect. test ,but did do hgn test ,=6hgn ,i have artifical lens in both eyes,they are always red/bloodshot
Yes, you can be charged with DUI. In fact, a person can be charged with DUI with no machine/test results and no FST's...
Friend got dui and they ran my license but i didn't recieve a ticket. will my PO find out if they only ran license?
Friend got dui and they ran my license but i didn't recieve a ticket. will my PO find out if they only ran license
Running your licence should not show up in the system. However, if the officer saw you had a PO he may contact them and...
My son's probation officer put him on house arrest following a DUI while waiting for court. How long can she keep him on it?
My son's probation officer put him on house arrest following a DUI in September of 2014, while waiting for court. He was fitted with an alcohol monitor, which she told him was also a GPS unit. That was a lie, the company that makes them doesn't make a dual unit. After serving 21 days in jail, she informed him that he is still on house arrest.. It is now April and she still has him on house arrest. He has completed the court required alcohol treatment program and he still has the alcohol monitor as well. I've stayed out of this as much as possible, but this PO, I feel is on a power trip. The court NEVER ordered him to be on house arrest. Now she's trying to get him to go to church and attend AA meeting. And to socialize more by calling her to get permission to go places.
Probation officers have fairly broad discretion, and the terms of probation are generally left even broader. You're...
Do you think I should take the deal from DUI to physical control?
I am an international student in Cleveland I was convicted with DUI on January 1st in Columbus so after the 2nd court trail we have a deal of 'physical control' and three day class for non alcoholic related, we kept the deal on table and trying the jury trail on March 26th so do you think I need to take the deal or fight back till it goes off record. I want to know in a long run if I want to change my visa From F1 to H1 in future would affect it or in my employement.
I cannot speak to the immigration issues. It sounds like you may have an attorney for the DUI. That is the attorney...
How many vials of blood are required to be drawn in an OVI blood draw?
I was arrested for OVI on 9/4/15 and the officer offered me a blood, breath or urine sample, and I chose to provide a blood sample. The officer took me to the hospital where the nurse drew ONE vial of blood, the officer put it in an evidence bag and we left. He cited me for OVI and then released me. He received the results on 10/13/15 and he filed charges on 10/14/15. How can I possible obtain an untainted sample? There is only one vile of blood, and the crime lab had to use it to test it. Shouldn't the officer have directed the nurse to draw 2 vials of blood so that one vile was preserved for the defense? is there enough prejudice to have the results thrown out?
As long as the original vile has been preserved, you can still require independent testing. There are strict...
In OHIO when is a person considered under "arrest"?
I was pulled over for OVI and the officer made me do field sobriety tests, then put me in cuffs, took me back to the police station. He read the BMV 2255 form that stated I was under arrest, and made me submit to a breathalyzer. He released me to my family shortly after. Was I under arrest under Ohio law?
Whether you are under arrest depends on the circumstances. The actual question you should ask is "were you in custody?"...