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  • North Carolina editorial roundup

    Wednesday Jun 7 | via The Daily Advance 

    When North Carolina prison officers weren't gratuitously beating inmates or putting hot sauce on their testicles, they were selling them drugs, letting them carry out gang attacks or colluding with them on other crimes. And when they weren't doing any of that, they were having sex with them on the superintendent's desk.


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Brunswick Law

What can I do if I can't get up with my probation officer......and she tries to violate my probation.
I have 2 dwi and one pending the results of a blood test
You need to meet with her or you will go to jail. Any failure to meet the requirements of probation, whether your...
Do I have a chance for my DUI to be dropped?
A few days ago, my boyfriend tried to turn around to get my sunglasses that had fallen out the window. During the turn his truck slid into a ditch and got stuck. While waiting for a friend to pull us out the Park Rangers pulled up. After being pulled out we were all told to go to the parking lot to discuss what happend. My boyfriend asked me to drive as he was afraid he would go to jail if he continued to drive. We'd both been drinking, but I had only had 2 and I felt perfectly fine. I drove less than a quarter mile and after my boyfriend was arrested they targeted me and made me take a breath test. I blew a 0.03. which was over for me because I'm 20. I don't think she told me I was under arrest and I was never read my rights. I had no intent to continue to drive after I parked his truck I was just doing what the park ranger told us to do.
I hope those were really nice glasses You are probably charged with driving after consuming while <21. It's serious...
What is the penalty for a violation for driving on dui probation?
My husband was seen by his probation officer driving, he said he would talk to his supervisor and get back to him in the morning. But he is doing everything hes supposed to working, classes, and alcohol monitor etc.
Is his license suspended and he either doesn't have driving privileges and/or is ineligible to get a privilege at this...
How many continuances can I get for a DUI case?
I lost my job when I lost my license and was just able to start back working. I want to hire a lawyer but I need at least another week to get my 1st paycheck. I have had 2 continuances already.
As many as the judge is willing to grant. Let the judge know that you would like to hire an attorney and ask for time.
How long does it take to get a toxicology report for a dwi with alcohol?
I got a dwi and they drew blood how long will it be till i get the results so i can know how to fight it.
First, get an attorney if you don't have one. This isn't a situation you should handle on your own. To answer your...
When you get sentenced to prison for dwi does it get cut in half after u get processed into prison?
My husband was sentenced a few days ago for his fourth dwi. But it's been 8 yrs since his last one . He had been asking for a public defender everytime he went to court because he has a back diseases an has applied for disability he has no work at all. He's been given pd before in the county we live in but the judge just kept refusing to give him a pd. so they locked him up Thursday the 15 of June. He was sentenced to 18 months and is in county jail as we speak I was wondering was his rights violated when he was refused a pd when he had no income at all and I've heard by people that when he finally gets processed into a prison that dwi gets knocked in half when u get to prison. Is this true. Just any information and help at all about his case I'd be very greatful . I myself am disabled and taking care of our two small kids now that this happened. Thank u
If he was just sentenced 3 days ago you must act fast. First thing tomorrow morning all a DWI defense attorneyexplain...
DWLR impaired REVOCATION...I received DWI back 2009 and DWI 2001
Both cases were handle by lawyers which included fines,courts cost,community and evaluation and classes..However I did not complete evaluation and classes. Recently 2017 received ticket for DWLR IMPAIRED REVOCATION.. My current attorney says it will be as misdemeanor what consequences could I possibly be facing? I am trying to take evaluation and classes prior to court date.and ...restore license but I am not sure how many hours will be requested.I don't want to complete class and still have to face jail time and or another year suspension...
You have an attorney. This is a discussion you should be having with him. The more you have completed the better...