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What does Crim/Traf mandatory under DWI/DUI mean in the state of MN, and can this be dropped and license be reinstated?
(Profiled) then pulled over stated someone called in on driving
For all your DWI questions you should contact an experienced DWI attorney without delay. You have deadlines to follow...
Its been over 10 years since I had a dui what do I need to do in mn,to get my licence back.
this would be my 4th in 30 years
DPS will have a long list of requirements for you to satisfy, likely including abstinence, rehabilitation, and...
I Have a b-card. If i get a wi license will that restriction be on it also.
It was put on in 2008
You should probably post this in WI too. Like myself, most MN attorneys are probably not familiar with WI licensing...
How do I fix a nonexistent dui?
11 years ago I got a second dui within 5 years of the first one, and my state thinks I got a third one at the same time I was in court for the second one, and they refuse to fix it.
Your question is somewhat unclear. If you are truely saying there is a conviction on your record for DWI that is 11...
How likely MN prosecutor will charge a dui if no dui citation issued and no arrest?
It was a dark, very rainy nite and I hit a road sign with my car, no witnesses, no injuries. My front bumper & plate were, unbeknownst to me, left at the scene- I didn't realize how badly I had hit the sign, happened very fast. I headed home, not sure what to do but freaked about damage to my car. I had a few very strong drinks at home and, about 1/2 hour later, police were knocking at my door. Stupidly, I submitted to field tests in my driveway, including, after they'd been there for 20-30 minutes, blowing .17 (!?!) on a pbt. But- these tests are notoriously unreliable, and, inadmissible in MN as evidence of intoxication. I was issued a citation for Leaving the Scene, but NOT for DUI. I was not arrested, neither of my cars was impounded and my license was not taken. Evidence against me would seem to be observations of officers, the fact of the accident itself, and my admission that I'd been drinking- but only 2 beers w/ lunch, 6 hours earlier. No blood test, no urine test, no "real" breathalyzer test. How likely is it the Mpls prosecutor will file dui charges? If he does, do you think (s)he might let me plea down? Thanks.
It seems unlikely that a die charge would be forthcoming because no chemical test was done at the station or hospital....
How do I go about getting my drivers license back after three DWI's
I got a two driving after cancellation the courts are willing to let me try and get into a program to get my drivers license back
Then get into a program. Call the Dept. of Public safety (driver's div.) for details. Cases may differ so a specific...
Someone got a dwi in my car last night
It has been impounded and they aren't letting me pick it up right now, I was a passenger in the car and I had been drinking so I asked my friend to drive. He hadn't drank in hours and we thought he was good but still blew a .08. What can I expect?
2 possibilities: you get your car released after a day or so or the prosecutor tries to seize your vehicle and forfeit...