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  • Texas fugitive arrested in Clarksburg once participa...

    Friday Dec 22 | via The Republican 

    A fugitive from Texas arrested in Clarksburg on a federal supervised release revocation petition from the Lone Star State once participated in a Mexico-to-Texas methamphetamine pipeline, according to court papers. David Alan Olalde, 38, of Brownwood, Texas, served 142 months on a meth distribution/possession conspiracy conviction before his release Feb. 24, according to court papers.


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Brownwood Law

Can I stop the drug test results from being sent to CPS?
I was reported to CPS. The person who reported me told them he witnessed me doing drugs in the same room as my child. Today, The person who reported me told me he asked the case to be closed but I took a hair follicle drug test yesterday which results will probably come back positive ( I never smoked while my child was there and it's been almost 2 months since I smoked. ) Can I stop the results from going to cps or is it too late?
The person who reported you is not in charge of the investigation and can not close the case. You should hire a lawyer...
Can you get deferred adjudication on misdemeanor (first time)DWI
I have a clean record but had an accident ( hit power pole) and am being charged with DWI (first)
Deferred adjudication is not allowed on a DWI conviction.
Can i still obtain a class a cdl with a felony dwi? My only DWI.
My first and only Dwi was ten years ago. I had my boy in the back seat and was over the limit. Will it haunt me for ever?
Yes, you will likely be able to apply for commercial drivers license
Can a DWI dismissal have any impact on the ALR hearing?
My DWI case has been dismissed prior to my ALR hearing. Is the dismissal relevant at all to the ALR hearing?
These are separate proceedings, so dismissal on one case does not mean automatic dismissal on the other. However, the...
Charged with DWI AND ACCIDENT I was not driving.
Last weekend I went out drinking with a friend. She was driving her car. On the way home she hit another car. I was threatened by the people we hit and fled. I was charged with the dwi and accident and she was not even asked for her license. She is now ignoring me. Will she be forced to go to court to say she was driving? Is this common?
This is not common, but I have seen it happen. At trial, the State will attempt to prove that you were driving. The...
Should I find a new attorney for my DWI case?
I received a dwi in June 2017. My case has been reset 3 times and I've yet to speak to my attorney directly. I paid the initial 1500 retainer fee after doing the best research I could online. I have a theft charge from 2002 that I received deferred adjudication and a theft by check that was dismissed in 2005. I refused the breathalyzer test. Each time I speak with the legal aide she explains the process and says the attorney will reach me closer to the reset date and is busy in trial. They have the discovery in office but I'm not sure what is recommended. Should I seek new counsel or does this seem standard for this situation?
Lawyers do not like to knock others when we really don't know all the details. But, I will say that IF the lawyer has...
How can I receive a dui when cop rufuses me a breathlizer?
Was the DD this night for a buddy. I got pulled over and asked if I had been drinking. I told the cop I had one beer and it was an hour before driving. He sobriety tested me and I passed everything but gave me a dui. So I asked for a breathlizer and got denied. Do I have a valid chance of getting the dui dismissed?
There is always a chance for getting a DWI dismissed, but not solely on the basis of not being provided a breathalyzer....