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I'm 56years old never had a dui. Lose drivingli til 2021 is there a way I get them back
Lose my driving 1995 never kill r wreck no speed tickets them do to my husband sold.a car in my name it got wreck
It will be difficult to give you an answer to your question without knowing more about your particular situation. I...
Can i be convicted of a 1543b1 in pa after my 1 yr suspension was over?
My suspension was over 12-28-2011. I have not restored my license due to insurance issues and not completing my d&a assesment. I was charged in august of 2012 with a 1543b1. Can i still be convicted even tho my suspension is over or should it be a lesser charger of say a 1543a?
I'm sorry to report but the DUI related suspension will continue until your license is restored. You should retain an...
I got my third dui. I was told by a friend to get an attorney and use birchfield vs north Dakota in my defense will this work.
I am on my third dui in 10 years. highest bac. no drivers license, have had suspended drivers license since I was 17 I am 57 now always under suspension or revoked. I got stopped for improper muffler, invalid inspection, no insurance, drivers license and dui
Get an attorney but expect to do jail time. Nothing is going to help you, given your history and your continued lack of...
Will I go to jail at formal arraignment?
I got my third dui in pa, high bac, no insurance, driving under suspension, no inspection. At magistrates office a letter was sent to arresting officer, the magistrate held all charges to court. my attorney said he worked it out that I would get 6 months. will I go to jail at formal arraignment? I posted 5000 dollar bond.
If you have a lawyer why are you asking cyber-lawyer (who know nothing about you or your case) to tell you what will...
My court docket says dui 1st offense it is my third within 10 years, can they use the prior dui's in court?
I got a dui in February in PA. My court docket says dui 1st offense highest tier. It is my third dui within the last 10 years. Can the prior dui's be held against me?
In most jurisdictions, prior crimes are considered by the prosecutors settlement offers and Judges for sentencing....
I missed a hearing today for driving under suspension. They made a sentence of 30 days incarceration its only the 3rd one
does this sound right never had dui or anything just never had a license
Usually the courts only impose a sentence of incarceration for driving with a suspended license (non-DUI) if it is the...
Got a DUI in Fayette County PA, got a new job in York County. Still on Probation. Am I aloud to move?
I would like to finish my sentencing in York County but am unsure of how to go about this. Would be moving in with my sister who lives in York County and would have a way to work.
Request that your probation officer transfer the probation to the other county. This happens regularly.