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  • Official facing criminal charges

    Jan 14, 2017 | via The Tribune 

    A Jackson County commissioner who also is the assistant principal at Crothersville Junior-Senior High School was summoned Wednesday to appear in Jackson Circuit Court to face a felony charge of theft of a firearm. Andrew B. Markel, 34, of Seymour, also faces a misdemeanor charge of conversion in connection with the investigation into his purchase of a Smith & Wesson Shield model 9mm handgun with a stolen gift card June 4, 2016, according to the probable cause affidavit signed by Detective Matt Loyd.


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Brownstown Law

Do I have to answer any questions or submit to a drug screening for DCS at our first meeting.Haven't spoke with attorney yet
Overdosed and was arrested.DCS took children. I have an appointment to speak with DCS but have not had a chance to speak with my attorney.Do not want to hurt my case by saying something that will be used against me later.
Technically, no. However, if you overdosed your children will most likely be found CHINS children anyways. Ask DCS to...
I blew a 0.01 at a party and got charged with minor in possession. is there anything i can do to get these charges dropped?
i blew a 0.01 and someone even blew a 0.19. i was wondering if since mine was so low there is a way to get the charges dropped and not have this show up on my record. I'm 18
I am not an IN DUI attorney but I am in CA where .01 would cause you to lose your license for 1 year as a minor. I'm...
What happens when you're pulled over and find out that your license has been suspended for a previous DUI, but were unaware?
My brother was convicted of a class c misdemeanor dui a while ago and has almost completed his probation. Just the other day he was pulled over and was told that his license is suspended for a few years. He says that he was unaware of the suspension, and now he has to go back to court. What kind of consequences could he be facing, and is there anything he can do to avoid further legal trouble since he didn't know about the suspension?
In this situation, the first thing to do is get the Disposition or Final Order/Sentencing Order from the Clerk. You...
If a person in Indiana is in an accident and arrested for dui are they automatically at fault regardless of who's at fault?
Car ran a stop sign and I hit him and now he is suing me for damages.
Great question. Criminally fault does not matter. You are rear ended and you are drunk you are guilty of DUI even tho...
Will i get any jail time for dws-prior?i go to court in 3 days.
i got pulled over for dws-prior is what the cop said.i went to jail and posted $705 bond 7 hours later.when i go to court will i do any jail time?i had no idea my license was suspended so i dont think it should be my fault if i didnt know.i was just picking my wife up from work when they arrested me right infront of my 2 little kids.i just wanna know if i need a lawyer and if there will be any jail time?
I would recommend that you hire a criminal defense lawyer since you are facing a criminal charge. The charge of Driving...
Illinois DUI alcohol and drug evaluation, but I live in Indiana....
I'm am taking a DUI plea in Illinois for a DUI charge I received recently. I need to get an alcohol and drug evaluation for the court to accept the plea. I have entered an Intensive Out Patient program here in Indiana, where I reside, however the assessment paperwork I received from this treatment center does not suffice for Illinois my lawyer says. He informed me that I need to get an evaluation that categorizes my risk level (miminal, moderate, etc) however I'm not sure where to get that done in Indiana that will satisfy the Illinois Courts. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Illinois's alcohol and other drug abuse ("AODA") requirements are very specific/stringent. Your best bet may be to...
Can I still be charged for a DUI
I was in an accident avoided a car that came in my lane and I Hit a Pole. I had injuries. The State Trooper asked me to take a Breathelyzer and I did. Didn't get the reading, but wasn't sited, not ticketed, and he gave my license back. I still haven't got the Crash report. I was taken to the hospital and they Drew blood per the request of the State Trooper. Can I still be charged. I had 2 10 years ago but no on record. I also had been taking cough medicine as I didn't drink but 1 can he still charge me if he didn't arrest me and ticket me. I still have my license
There are a couple of questions you need to answer. How long ago was the accident? Did the officer say anything to...