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Does NY extradite from NC for misdemeanor DUI, and if I go to the DMV (In North Carolina) for a State ID will I be arrested.
Had to leave the state ( NY ) simply didn't have the money to stay.
NY can extradite from any state. Whether or not they will extradite for a DWI is another question that can only be...
Will I have to have one in OK as well, or just if I want to have a valid license in NC? Thanks!
I am relocating from NC to Oklahoma. I have to have an interlock device in NC.
Have you spoken with an OK attorney since you're asking about OK law not NC law?
I got my first underage drinking citation (19yr/old) what are my options?
I was really drunk outside a night club and a cop pulled me aside and gave me a drinking citation. This is my first run-in with the law and never had to deal with anything like it. Do i need to get a lawyer or can I represent myself in court. I dont think I can plead not guilty because i was very intoxicated and that will be in the police report, if there is one. So if i have to plead guilty which is most likely to happen, will the citation be on my public record? Or is it possible to get it removed from my record when i turn 21? Also, since i was very intoxicated, is it even necessary to get a lawyer, as in why would i need one if i have to plead guilty?
First, it is never advisable to represent yourself as the system is not friendly or helpful to defendants without...
Moving from NC to Texas on a limited driving privilege, due to a DUI. What's the way to go about getting my license in Texas?
I was convicted of my first DWI in North Carolina. I blew .10. I was given a suspended sentence. North Carolina law requires a one year suspension for first DWI and the judge gave me a limited driving privilege which is in effect until August 2016. I am moving to Texas in October. How can I drive legally in Texas? Alternatively, I may not completely move but will definitely spend some time in Texas, will my North Carolina limited driving privilege be valid?
If you had an attorney for your DUI conviction, first see if they will help you in this area. Every state is different...
I got charged with a dui in 2010, went to court and was found not guilty. The local court wants me to pay to reinstate my linces
DMV also want fee, but that one is minimal. What they want me to pay is the 30 day revocation fee as they name it for getting charged. Being that i did not pay that charge to have have my license back before I went to court to fight the case and was found not guilty, it seems they should not be able to charge me that fee. I see that it may be possible to file an administrative appeal and I also see that I have 10 days to file for an appeal after paying the revocation fee. It seems pointless though as they will already have my money or that I am forced to pay first to get a hearing even though I was not guilty of committing a crime.
Yes the initial civil revocation reinstatement fee must be paid unless a defendant requests a timely hearing and...
Can I get a restricted license after my 3rd dwi so I could drive only for work
Will I be eligible for restricted license after my 3rd dwi? How long do I have to wait to get a restricted license in NC? If I move out to california will I get a restricted license after 6 months?
I am not licensed in North Carolina, so out of respect to any experienced DUI attorney from NC who answers your...
Can my DUI case get dismissed if I never saw the magistrate before I was released and never signed written promise to appear?
I got arrested for a DUI and was pulled over for a failure to yield. I was given a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer on the side of the road. The officer did not realize my license was revoked until I was already at the police station which he then wrote a ticket for. Both copies of the ticket have the date on it but not the time on the one for my DUI and the one for my license revoked has the time but the am and pm are not circled. On my conditions of release and order form it is electronically signed by a magistrate I never saw. I only have a ticket for the DUI and driving while license revoked, not the failure to yield which I was initially pulled over for.
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....