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How much time will I serve? DUI Possession and Traffic Violations.
I got pulled over and arrested for, less than 50 grams of Marijuana, failure to use a blinker and unlawful lane switch. Oh, and narcotics as well. 3 Vicodin 7.5 pills. All while being under the influence of Marijuana. These are all first offences. I am located in New Jersey, I am also flat out broke. No money at all. How much time will I have to serve to avoid paying fines. Also, I cannot afford to be put on probation at all. Thanks for the help!
When you go to court, ask that you be appointed a public defender. He or she will be able to advise you.
Can i receive a drivers license after my 3rd dui for work purposes only, with a breathlyzer machine in my car?
I received my 3rd dui about a 2-3years ago and, i almost have my surcharges paid off, and i was wondering if theres any way to get a work license, with a breathlyzer machine installed in my car. I only need to get back and forth from work, or can i get my license back sooner?
> > Unfortunately, New Jersey is one of only eight states that do not provide for a limited license. >
I'm serving a ten year lost of license for Dui, is there any way i can get my license back early?
I'am willing to have a breathalyzer installed in my car, if that can get my license back early. Also in one of the law books a police officer recevied his license back for the purpose of a job after his 3rd Dui, is it possible for me to get my license for job purposes only?
A ten year loss of license is quite severe and must be for multiple DUI convictions. Often the D.M.V. or Court's will...
What will happen with a second offense with Marijuana?
First offense at 18 was expunged after a year probation. Second offense was caught with a gram. Will he serve jail time or loose his license? He has a CDL license.
If he gets a good lawyer and that lawyer can find a defense he won't lose his license or get jail time. That being...
What are the consequences of 2C:35-10A(4)
Me and my buddies were parked in a parking lot with Vehicle shut down. Suddendly cops pulled up and car was smelling marijuana but we were not smoking so they did the illegal search and found under 50 grams less marijuana .. its my first offense with this charge so will they suspend my license ? if i am eligible for CD but no one was driving the vehicle.. what are the consequences ?
Not an illegal search. Once they have odor of marijuana they have probable cause to search. Officers are trained to...
Can I expung a dui arrest that was dismissed in NJ 8 years ago, I was also convicted of refusal to take
In 2009 was charged with dui and refusal in NJ. Dui was dismissed and i was convicted with refusal. I had a Massachusetts driver license back then. Can I get these stuff expended ??
NJ DUI/DWI charges cannot be expunged. Unfortunately all tickets in NJ stay on your driving record for life.
Does health insurance cover medical expenses in a dui when car insurance has lapsed?
My son was charged with a DUI. Only injuries to himself and damage to his car but his car insurance lapsed before the accident. Thank God nobody else was hurt or had any damage. Will our health insurance pay his medical expenses? We live in NJ.
That typically depends entirely upon the terms, conditions, and coverages in the policy. The best place to start would...