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I got an underage drinking ticket, it is my first one, in Milwaukee WI. What should I say?
I can not afford a lawyer and the court date it today. My college UWM found out and I am taking a class through them and writing a paper about it afterwards.
Tell the judge all that, I guess. Good luck and be more careful about your underage drinking.
In the process of movingto a different state I got a dui. do I have to come back for my court date or can a lawyer represent me?
Wisconsin is where I got a dui on Saturday the 10th and I'm moving to California on the15th.
It depends. An attorney can appear on behalf of a client in a misdemeanor case. The same is true for a client that has...
Can a lawyer represent me for citations if I no longer live in the state that issued?
first time dui in Wisconsin explained to me to be just a citation by legal aid so I don't qualify for their help. I obtained the dui and 3 other related tickets a few days before moving to California. If they are just tickets can a lawyer represent me or do I need to go back to the state, I will not have the funds to pay the tickets so will I get probation and can I do my probation in California where I now reside?
A lawyer may appear on your behalf. If you lose the case, you will have to pay a fine and your license will be...
What's going to happen next?How should I plead?
I received an OWI for was my 1st time ticket..I gave a blood sample...they issued me a $800 ticket..license suspended by the DOT until January. Please help! Thanks
If you are within 10 days of receiving notice of the suspension, you can request an administrative review hearing and...
I lost my license in Michigan almost 10 years ago. every year I apply, is there any state where I can apply if I move there?
lost license almost 10 years ago. I have applied every year to get my license back. done everything they have asked me to do to get my license back. sick of the games.
What was the reason you lost it in the first place? Without that information it is difficult to tell you how other...
Question about Wisconsin DUI 2nd offense. Please help!?
My mother has been pulled over once in 2011. She was arrested for drunk driving. This was her first offense. Last week of this year she was pulled over for her second offense. She blew a .22 on the breathalyzer. I believe .8 is safe? I'm hearing that she will have to do jail time. Is there anything less that the judge will give her? Like something out of jail? What are the chances? As much as people make mistakes my mother doesn't belong in jail. She never hurt a fly or committed any other crimes. Thank you to those who answer.
There is a 5 day minimum jail sentence for OWI 2nd cases. She's looking at a lot more time than that considering the...
Should i hire an attorney? 2nd OWI on ATV within 5 years.
I got in an ATV accident on May 21st & was transported to the hospital. Upon being transported the Cop gave me a breathalyzer, i was over the legal limit. Upon arriving home from the hospital i had 2 tickets in the mail, i was to report to court for the OWI on ATV charge. I showed up for court no one was there, they had no record of that ticket but had the driving on highway ticket. They had switched court that week. It is going on 3 months and i still haven't heard anything. I called the hospital & they said the judge did not sign the form to get my blood records and that is probably what they are waiting on. Is there anything i can do about this? if i didn't show up for court it would be contempt on my part, so why not on the judge? Thanks in Advance.
It sounds like someone is trying to get your hospital records to use against you, without a release, or a properly...