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  • Social cohesion in Amani contributes to decreased crime

    Sunday Jan 29 | via OnMilwaukee 

    In October 2016, James Brown, 82, a minister and 40-year resident of Amani, waited for more than 12 hours to testify against All Star Foods, a corner store less than a block from his home, at a Common Council license hearing. The store, located at 27th and Burleigh streets, allegedly sold tobacco and alcohol to minors, maintained unsanitary conditions and looked the other way when a young girl was trafficked out of the building's basement.


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Does statute of limitations apply to skipping a DUI court hearing?
A relative was arrested for DUI in Dec., 2012, and then skipped his January hearing date and fled Wisconsin. Will he be a fugitive for the rest of this life, or is there a date when he can safely return to WI without fear of arrest for skipping court?
The statue of limitations generally doesn't run once the person leaves the jurisdiction of the Court. There's very...
Do i plead not guilty or no contest when in court for a first time OWI charge?
Was operating a vehicle under the influence. Then refused the chemical breath test. Was booked at the Milwaukee Sheriffs Department and held for 12 hours without a phone call.
If you plead "no contest" you will be found "guilty" by the judge. If you plead "not guilty" you will be able to...
When a brother takes the fall for his twin brother for a DUI. Can they both be charged for lying?
My best friends ex boyfriend took the fall for his twin brother for a dui. He got convicted and is doing time. Apparently the arresting officer never did prints or anything when arrested the real brother who committed the dui. My friend has evidence that they did this. If she took her information to the police, could they both face more charges? What would happen?
If the story was believed, yes, they could both face additional charges. What would actually happen is anyone's guess.
How does the Wisconsin DOC calculate revocation time for extended supervision
My fiance is getting revocated and they offered 15 months he has 21 months left of supervision. He completed 29 months already
The amount of time left on supervision is not relevant. If a person is revoked on the last day of supervision, the DOC...
1st OWI (Traffic Forfeiture) in Wisconsin
I have a 1st OWI case (Case Type: Traffic Forfeiture) that I am currently fighting in Wisconsin. If my employer asks if I have any pending charges (besides minor traffic violation), do I have to answer yes? Can I answer no? I am asking since my minor violations are showing as Traffic Forfeiture as well. Does that mean my 1st OWI is also considered a minor traffic violation?
Even though it is not criminal in WI, an unenhanced first offense OWI is a major traffic violation.
I was raped while Intoxicated by my kid's Alleged father he has primary placement
I was raped last summer by my 2 kids Alleged father yes I gave him placement 5 years earlier because of homeless . I'm currently stable now if I report him to the police can I get a placement back of my children
If this crime occurred last summer, you should have reported this to the police immediately and have gone to the...
How long will a not a drop driving violation stay on my record?
I entered into a pre trial program while I was in college out of state for a dui that was considered in Wisconsin similar to the not a drop law under .08. I just checked my driving abstract and it wasn't on there. Wisconsin knows about the violation as I had to go thru a lot of paper to prove the law was similar. I was just wondering if that type of violation falls off my driving record because I was under 21?
OWI related convictions remain in your record for life, since the counting of prior offenses (if you are ever arrested...