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What can I do about a drug test that was failed for a prescription that my family doctor prescribed me?
Had my annual drug test for my company that I had been working with for 2 years and failed it for my prescription that my family doctor prescribed me. Just Cuz my pharmacy records didn't show me filling the prescription there the month before, it was an automatic fail. I have been on this medication since 1994. Which I was diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and hypertension. I work all over the united states and don't fill the prescription at the same place every refill. Note: the company never fired me and I continued to work there for almost a year or more after this failed drug test. Now I'm trying to get a new job and DISA drug testing is saying I need to go to counseling, pay 550 for a counselor, and submit to random testing every month for a probation period. I also presented Disa with records of my start date of this medication for my ADD Problems.
Do about what? You have told us what you need to do confused?
If i left a court ordered rehabilitation center. Cause I felt my life was in danger could I leave
I was sentenced to 20 days in rehabilitation center through drug court. After there 2 days a male was apprehended on the premises and escorted off. Minutes later he drove his car through the fence hitting the bench I was sitting on. The guy was never caught. He was trying to kill his gay lover. I called drug count consulor and told them I was leaving cause I was afraid. I was recently shot and I was afraid he would return with a weapon. Can I get in trouble for leaving
Yes, you can get in trouble for leaving. However, if what you posted is all true AND if you just left within the past...
Will Louisiana extradite from Georgia on a first offense misdemeanor dui bench warrant?
I lived in Louisiana with someone else not family related but was forced to leave the residence there in Lafayette and had to return to my home state of Georgia. I have no relative's there that I could stay with is why I had to return to my home state.
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Will Louisiana extradite from Georgia for a first offense dwi bench warrant?
I was living in Louisiana at a non relative's residence when then incident happened but was forced to vacate the premises. I had to return to my home state of Georgia where my family is. I had no resources there in Louisiana for me to be able to continue living there.
There are typically three levels of extradition: within the state, from neighboring states, or nationwide. It is likely...
WWhat does awaiting date mean ?
My boyfriend went to jail for an owi. I went online to check for his court date,and it says awaiting date.
The District attorney reviews the case and decides if the arrest merits being billed for the alleged crime. If billed,...
Can the DMV make me install an interlock in my vehicle with no DWI convictions?
I was charged with two DWI offences. Both cases were dismissed. No convictions. The DMV made me install an interlock device in my vehicle in order to reinstate my drivers liscense. Why is it that I am forced to do this when I wasn't convicted of any offense? Innocent until proven guilty? Is that not the way it is supposed to work?
Innocent until proven guilty is how the criminal system works. The DMV, who is part of the Louisiana Department of...
I was arrested in March 2017 my charges was possession of scheduled II ( adderall) but they were not mine I was the passenger
I was a passenger in a vehical of a so called " friend" when the driver noticed he was getting pulled over he threw what is now known to be 10 adderallls that was in a plastic bag under the passenger seat whrre I was sitting. Driver didn't wait for the police to come to the vehical driver got out and proceed to tell the officer that (me) the passenger had adderall under the seat on my side. So officer came on passenger side asked me to get out of the vehical and proceeded to tell me I was being detained another officer went straight to the passenger side and looked directly under the seat where then the officer picked up the plastic bag of pills and then told me.being it was on my side of the truck then I had to be charged with it. This is my first offince of being in possession of scheduled II drug I spent 3 days in jail bonded out paid over $1,000 to bondsman at time I was released. I need to know when should i get my court date and how or if I can fight this
You will get a court date when the court sends one. In the meantime, you should be speaking with local criminal...