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Can I get an aggravated dui?
Can i be given an aggravated dui for an accident with no other vehicles/witnesses, police came to hospital, submitted to testing, windshield of vehicle was nearly knocked out by driver but hospital didn't check my head at all?
There are numerous ways a MISDEMEANOR DUI can be enhanced to a FELONY or AGGRAVATED DUI. Any DUI with Great Bodily Harm...
My insurance says DUI, but my ticket says otherwise, what can be done?
I got a ticket in Illinois last year, age 22, 200% sober, I had one drink with one shot worth of alcohol then waited 2 hrs to drive home, no way I could reach the bottle (which had barely a swig in it, it was basically an empty bottle) on the back seat of my SUV. I passed a field sobriety test, the officer refused a BAC test when I offered (I was just too tired from work to walk around like a dumb@$$), she gave me a ticket for illegal transportation. They apparently think everyone is a drunk around here, because this was the 3rd time in about 2 years I had a field sobriety test and passed because well, I drink once a blue moon, and not while I am driving.. My question is because I recently saw this on my policy when I renewed this year and it says I got a DUI, which is not what it says on my ticket. What can I do about this? Can I have it removed? because apparently I've been paying for a DUI violation for a year, and I didn't notice because it just comes out of my account every month, with me assuming it's the same price each time. Thank you so much for answering! Happy Holidays
Start by getting your driving abstract from the SOS and check the court file to find out what was entered.
DUI in Indiana but licensed in Illinois?
My boyfriend got pulled over and got a DUI. He's going to college in Indiana but has an Illinois license. He didn't tell me what his BAC was when he got pulled over but he just got a ticket, not arrested. He still has his license or at least a temporary one since he's still able to drive. He has court in February. What can we expect as far as charges and consequences? Also how will Illinois handle it with his record after Indiana deals with him? Thank you!
Illinois will revoke his drivers license upon receiving notice of a conviction in Indiana, so he should retain the best...
Got second dui what should I expect ?
basically had 2 drinks woke up to state police in my face with flashlight because I felt I was too impaired to get home by myself but was getting late n 3month old babies at home to get to so that lead to me driving but blacked out after pulling over on side of road avoiding any desasters or anything of that degree. So I was pulled over away from traffic n didn't blow til I got to station.
You need to retain an attorney. At a minimum, a second offense DUI conviction would cause your driver's license to be...
Will my DUI suspension show up in a University background check?
I was arrested for a DUI last year Feb 2017 in Illinois. I was placed on court supervision, and was never convicted. As long as I complete my supervision requirements the entire case will be dismissed. My question is that if the case wont be dismissed until May of this year, 2018, (I have completed my requirements) will a background check from CU Boulder reveal my case now in January 2018? Im not sure if that information crosses state lines if I was never convicted of anything. I won't be driving in my job so according to their policies they will not be looking at my driving record.
The supervision will not show up but until you complete the supervision, the suspension will.
What do i need to do to obtain a drivers license after a DUI out of state?
my boyfriend received a DUI in Wisconsin and he has resided in WI for a few years. But, his license is from IL. We are having a hard time figuring out what needs to be done to appease both IL and WI so that he can obtain a drivers license again.
WI will have a hearing (do not miss this meeting and do have an attorney represent you, if you can not afford, one will...
How will a speeding ticket affect court supervision for a DUI?
I got my first-time DUI offense almost two years ago. I have 2 months left until my supervision is over and I just got two tickets. One was a ticket for speeding: 92 in a 70, and the other one was for following to close behind a car. This traffic offense happened in a different county than my DUI. I have done all required classes, community service hours, and paid all the fines for the DUI. How will these two tickets affect my supervision for a DUI?
If the DUI county does not discover them or does not file papers to revoke you no effect. An attorney may be able to help.