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Can I get a Colorado license after getting a dui in California?
I received it in 2014 completed dui class and fine payment, however moved to Colorado before applying for a restricted license
If there is a restriction on your California license, you must resolve that before Colorado will issue a license.
I was charged with a DUI last Sunday moring; What now?
I blew a .083 but also received a dur
Hangover? You really should engage a lawyer to deal with the prosecutor and the court with this. Good luck.
Just got a dui in colorado and will be moving to Ohio in january,
i will have a interlock device for up too 2 years<, is this something that will be still needed in Ohio and can i get a new Ohio diver license?
I hope you don't mind, but I've taken the liberty of adding the tag "Ohio" to your question, so some lawyers from there...
Second dui in colorado. freaking out.
so i got my first dui when i was 18 i blew a .022 (dui). then today i got pulled over and refused road side tests. and was taken to jail they made me do either a breathalizer or a blood test so i choose a breathalizer and blew a .073. im pretty sure that a dui is .08 or higher. im in adams county and just wondering what might happen to me?
There are a few things that may help you gain some peace of mind initially. First, a second alcohol related driving...
How many years after a DUI license revocation (not the first) can one get an unrestricted license? Not been driving 3 years.
Is it ever possible to regain a license and not have to have an interlock device? Sober for 3 years.
If you are considered a persistent drunk driver by statute then you are under a mandatory minimum 2 year interlock...
Why was I never given a case number for my DUI arrest?
I was arrested for DUI on a Friday night and saw a judge on Saturday who read my charges and I was released after posting bond. I was ordered to pretrial services which I visited the following Monday. They did not have a case number for me. There is no case number on any of my paperwork after being discharged. I went to record's afterwards to get my case files and they could not even see anything under my name. The clerk told me to go to the DA's office, and they couldn't find anything either. Why don't I have a case number? How long do I have to wait to request discovery?
You won't have a case number until the court assigns one (which may take up to 2 or 3 weeks), and cannot get reports...
I just got a second DUI within 5 years of my first offense what should i do?
I didn't get a lawyer my first DUI, the outcome was the same as the people on the docket who had lawyers. This one i understand will include mandatory jail time of at least 10 days. The DUI happened in Adams County, I had court today and asked for a continuance. I did do the roadside and told him i had terrible balance and flat feet so it wasn't going to look good he recommended i do it anyway. I didnt do well on it as planned so then asked me to do the breathalyzer i refused and he took me to jail. I don't remember getting read my miranda rights or being asked if i would be willing to submit to a blood test. Is there a way to get access to video or audio for the night i was pulled over and possible be able to get this thrown out. Is having a lawyer if plead guilty going to reduce jail time
You have laid out a few issues that you need to talk to a good DUI lawyer about. You are not going to get the guidance...