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    Monday Jun 8 | via WDSN-FM Du Bois 

    State police troopers conducted a search Wednesday in Jefferson County for two missing Ohio teens implicated in a robbery in the Pittsburgh area. Authorities say the teens, identified as Triston Kindle, 16, of Upper Sandusky, and Rose May, 15, of Sycamore, were reported missing from their residences Monday.


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An officer made an incriminating statement; about his partner while en route to book me for DUI.
After leaving the hospital for my blood work, and en route to the station for booking - the two police officers began to discuss a nurse who was working. They told me they had arrested her weeks prior for DUI and a little less than an ounce of marijuana. "It was a little less because this guy pinched the sac" Can this be used in court? Blew .10 during breathalyzer ...hoping to lessen, if not drop the charges.
You can certainly let your criminal defense lawyer know all the facts to help prepare a good defense.
Never finger printed for dui..
pulled over asked for my creds. went to car. came back asked if id step out. proceded to give me sobriety tests multiples of each... then searched vehicle ... i asked why i was pulled over he said speeding.. he didnt pull out and turn lights on he pulled out slow then followed at a distace for 1.2 miles then proceded to pull me over tho i never got a speeding ticket?
It is not uncommon for an officer to pull a driver over for a traffic violation, arrest the driver for DUI, and not...
What to expect after a DUI stop
I was pulled over but the cop didn't tell me why. He asked if I had been drinking and then did FST and a breathalyzer. He then handcuffed me and took me for a blood test. Afterwards I was driven home. What happens next?
You will likely get a packet of paperwork in approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the court along with the summons to appear...
Do I need an attorney for a second dui?
I was convicted of a dui/underage when I was 17. I had an underage at 19 and got ARD. Now at 25 I just got arrested for a dui that could possibly be in the highest tier.
Absolutely. You should talk with an attorney who handles DUI's in the County where this occurred. You will want to go...
What will happen if you are taken to jail for a DUI on a suspended license?
My father was taken to jail for a DUI on a suspended license I'm not sure if it is his second or third, but what are the consequences of a second or third DUI?
I am not licensed in Pennsylvania, so out of respect to any answer from an experienced attorney licensed in PA who...
Why did the police take my license on the spot when I was arrested for d.u.I in westmoreland county p.a.?
I agreed to a breath test and it was administered.
Down police officers do that, but is uncommon. There is no law against it. I would suggest hiring a criminal defense...
Inexpensive dui attorney
2nd dui in march in easton pa.. first dui in lehigh county five years ago. went through a stop sign and had the highest tier bac.. help.. what will happen or what can i expect from my lawyer..
As a second offense highest rate you are facing a mandatory term of imprisonment of 90 days minimum and up to 5 years...