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Brooksville Crime

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  • Hcso Arrest Summaries 7-7-2017

    Wednesday Jul 12 | via Hernando Sun 

    RAILEY, LARISA ADALE YOB: 1992 CHARGES: TRAFFICKING DRUGS, POSS OF COCAINE, POSS OF MARIJUANA Arrested on 6/28/2017 05:35 17240 CORTEZ BLVD, BROOKSVILLE Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On 06/27I17, while on conducting a traffic stop of a separate vehicle, l observed a blue Ford Mustang bearing FI tag O675VU traveling east on Cortez Boulevard. I observed the vehicle fail to vacate the lane closest to my emergency vehicle.


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  • Nonfiction: Stories of a Lifelong Fascination With A...

    Monday Jul 3 | via The New York Times 

    A memoir is an opportunity for a writer to put his or her life on trial, but few follow through and condemn themselves too. Jeffrey Gettleman, this newspaper's Pulitzer Prize-winning East Africa correspondent, fell in love with Africa while still a self-described frat boy; at Cornell he met his other great love, Courtenay, an alluring sorority girl.


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  • HCSO Arrest Summaries 6/2 - 6/4/17

    Jun 10, 2017 | via Hernando Sun 

    SWANSINGER, HEATHER MAE YOB: 1987 CHARGES: DOMESTIC BATTERY Arrested on 6/02/2017 1923 4347 TARTAN AVE, SPRING HILL Arrest Summary Excerpt: "On today's date at approximately 1744 hours, while the victim Nicholas Swansinger was picking up his child from the Boys and Girls Club located at 5400 Applegate Drive, his ex-wife, Heather Osborne-Swansinger, walked up behind Nicholas and shoved him using both her left and right hands, almost causing Nicholas to fall down. The incident was captured on surveillance video.


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Brooksville Law

L had a dui conviction in 2012, can it be overturned?, because l was arrested hours later?
I rearended this woman at a red light when we had red light cameras, it was raining and l slid into her, l exchanged insurance information and went on my way, an hour to hour and a half later l get pulled over by a trooper and could not pass the dui test, l told him my ankles were swollen by the accident. he arrested me and l guess took my blood, there were prescription drugs from the night before. L was arrested and spent 60 days in jail, after that l went to treatment.
If you entered a plea or were found guilty at trial, it is too late to raise this issue 3 years later. You have 30...
DUI felony with injuries, restitution ordered for 14k, can I make an offer to pay 10k lump sum?
Can I make an offer to pay off restitution in lump sum of lesser amount, or is the amount fixed due to sentencing? Is this an offer I can make to the Plaintiff through the judges office, or do I ask judge for permission to request this? The plaintiff was paid by 3 insurance for the same accident. So I'm not sure what this restitution is for, or how they calculated the amount. It was left as, ordered, "amount to be determined" at the sentencing. I received a letter months later with an amount from the court.
Can you? Sure. Will it be accepted? Beats me. You can offer whatever you like (counter-offer actually) but the...
Why does my husbands bond conditions say not to have contact with the victim if he was charged with driving without a license
My husband went to jail last night an his bail was dropped from 1000 to 500 an he was charged with driving without a vaild driviers license now it says he cant have contact with the victim what does it mean im worried im not gona be able to talk to him
The charge of NVDL does not carry the possibility of no contact. This, along with the bond reduction, leads me to...
Is there any chance they will not charge me w DUI? If there is still a chance of being charged, how and when will I be informed?
Was in an auto accident. Ran into backend of a truck. Was taken to hospital via ambulance from crash site, treated, and discharged 2-3 hours later. The doctor made a point to tell me alcohol was detected in my blood. I'm assuming my BAC was well over the limit. But I was discharged from hospital, never ticketed or cited, and my DL was still in my wallet. My car was not impounded, just towed by private company. And the other vehicle was barely damaged and driver was unhurt.
It can take several months to get the results back
Is there anyway I can go back into court, and have this part dropped or replaced with something possible ?
Live in Indiana, but received DUI in Florida and complied with all in 2014, Hernando Co. Finally was able to buy a used car, went o DMV to get license but Florida has hold, say I must have interlock for 12 months. My city is small and Indiana does not use the interlock as regular part of DUI. Nearest would be in Indianapolis, a 2 hour drive each way, that I would have to make monthly for reset of system and calibrate.My car won't make that trip, and winter weather may also cause issues. placing a hardship on me.
FL will not release your suspension until you comply. Period. I'm sorry but that's how it is here. You are...
Will you get a bond on a vop in hernando county on a dui misdemenor charge
o i got sentenced to 1yr probation and classes and a fine and community service and they set me up to meet with my probation officer 3weeks later i went to probation and they made me give a urine sample and and i failed the test and she violated me right then . I thought you had 30 days to clean out because if you have drugs in your system it takes that long for your body to naturally flush out the drugs
Without knowing who your judge is, none of us know for sure. But you probably wont get a bond. For the best shot at...
I got my 2 dui in Pennsylvania 3 years ago will I have to have interlock in fl to get my licence back
I just moved to fl how do I get my drivers licence back in fl my first dui was 6 years ago my 2 was 3 years ago in Pennsylvania will I have to have interlock
Did PA impose an interlock? If so, yes you will have to get the interlock to get your DL back. Check with PA to see...