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I was in a single car accident back in May. I was avoiding a potential head on collision and I lost control of my car. I went
off the road hitting a tree and rolling ove landing upside down. The car behind me stopped, got me out and police came. He called EMS. He tried to give me a breath test, but the glass that I had in my mouth made it impossible to blow( even though I did try 3 times). I was not seen on video and was not given a blood test. I was transported to the hospital and was released 3 hrs later. I was chared with DUI due to the smell of alcohol on my clothes from working in the bar that night. I've gone to court once and was delayed to another date. I didn't get the public defender because I thought I could save enough for an attrny, but don't have it. What will the judge do this time and can I ask for more time? Also, can I receive any additional charges when my ticket just says dui?
You need an attorney ASAP. If you cannot afford a private attorney, at the next court date ask the judge to appoint you...
Need advice on close friends 4th DUI case
My close friend is going to court in the morning for his 4th DUI. I do not know his prior legal arrangements regarding his other DUI cases. He is planning on pleading not guilty in the morning so that he can have a trial, to obtain time to seek better council due to the fact that he only blew a .09 and the legal limit here in KY is .08. Is this a bad idea and if he pleads guilty will he waive his rights?
It seems you posted this question two times. Here is my previous response. I am only basing my advice on the...
I have been charged with alleged of an impaired in Alberta Canada question is in add details
I have been charged with alleged of an impaired in Alberta I did my paper work in the police station after the breath test got my promise to appear had a lawyer attend to my promise to appear i received a phone call almost a month later from the arresting officer stating I missed my fingerprints which I guess I didn't see on the paper so the cop said ito call him next week to sign a new promise to appear so I called him he said thanks for calling me back I just need to know when I can stop by to get you to sign a new promise to appear the courts messed up on the paperwork so can I meet with you to sign new paperwork for a new promise to appear What I wanna know is what's going on? I don't think I need to sign new promise to appear I already have a promise to appear what the deal here?
You are talking about some form of criminal matter in another country and will likely not get a lot of good, helpful...
I signed an Alford plea DUI 2nd with my name on it but the DL & SS#'s are incorrect in all of the court docs even the citation.
Do I have any options as to having this removed. All documents are/were incorrect in cluding the Alford Plea. It never shown on my record as being convicted. Since, I was arrested for DUI2nd, bailed out after 8 hrs, went to court date 3 weeks later, where the same judge changes my charge from 2nd to 3rd. A week later it shows a conviction of the previous DUI2nd. This charge was over 14 months old.
I am not licensed to practice law in Kentucky (area code 42101?), so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney...
I got a 3 yr diversion for DUI and wanton endangerment, 1 1/2 years into it, I got a 2 nd DUI. THE Judge gave me 14 day
Parole officer filed a violation. Can I get more time added I have to serve time after having my baby. Recently found out I was pregnant. Help!
Your question is a little unclear. If the 14 days was for the 2nd DUI, not the violation, then yes, you could get more...
I got a DUI & driving on suspended L's. i am on probation with 30 days over my head. what are my options and what can i expect?
it is unsupervised probation. & this is my first DUI offense. I have not been to court yet. please give positive feedback if you can. Thanks,
I will give honest feedback you could be looking at probation revocation and a DUI charge. have you contacted an...
I have an expunged DUI, that was expunged in 2013. Will an expunged DUI show up on an FBI background check?
I unfortunately got a DUI in 2001 in my early 20s.. I got it expunged in 2013. I requested my background check from Ky, which is completely clear. Can the expunged DUI still show up however on an FBI background check? I didn't disclose it on my job application because the law here in KY read applicants don't have to disclose expunged records..I worry though it can still show on an FBI report? Thank you.
Most likely yes, however to know for sure, consder conducting a live scan you yourself to see what shows up on your...