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I did a roadside breath test and fst but my ticket shows refused for breath test results
I live in Georgia
Generally, when a ticket is marked "refusal," the officer is referring to an individual who refuses to submit to the...
Can i get a dui/less safe dropped to reckless driving if the passenger in my car grabbed the wheel and made me wreck,
i was taking him home, when he got mad, jerked the wheel, making me leave the road and hit a tree. He then left the scene, i was issued a dui/alcohol/less safe...did the eye test and the breathalyser 3 times then was charged..this was 4 days ago, i have no results of either breathalyser test and i did refuse the blood test when they took me to jail..what are my chances.
Retain Counsel ASAP to handle the case for you, you may have a pending ALS issue.
Why do i have to have permission from the court to install the ignition interlock when they are the ones who made it mandatory?
I tried to get it waived as a hardship but the judge said not at this time. So when i call to have it installed they said i have to have permission from the courts to have it installed what does that mean they are the ones who mandated it. So now i have to pay a lawyer 500 to go to court and get a permission slip? Thats just wrong i am paying for it so what do they care as long as i have one for six months. This dui has been over 4 years ago. please email me a answer at [email protected] thank you
When did you ask for the waiver? I just got a waiver for another client that seems to have been in a similar situation...
In Georgia, is it possible to have a first-offense DUI expunged from off your record? How to get a DUI expunged in Georgia?
What are the proceedings for getting DUI expunged in Georgia? Are DUI expungements in Georgia ever granted? How do I go about getting an expungement started or receiving more information about this process? I am about to graduate college and am very worried about how this DUI on my record will affect future job opportunities. I received my first DUI in April 2008 in Bulloch County, GA. Prior to that offense, the only sort of "trouble" I had been in was receiving some speeding tickets. I received 1 year probation, a fine, and community service. I completed all perfectly within the time frame and have not so much as had ANY trouble since. No traffic tickets, not even a parking ticket. Thank you!
The short answer is "no, you are not eligible for expungement." The longer answer is that there is probably very...
What's the statue of limitions on DUI
My husband lost his license due to DUI's in 2000. In 2001 he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for assault. We are trying to find out how to obtain his license. If he still has to take the classes or where we go from here.
He likely has to take alcohol / drug class, 40 hours community service, and complete the other requirements of his...
Can I get a Hardship license with Pending DUI"s?
I hve not been convicted yet I have 3 pending I was going through a hard time. I am also in a treatment center which I been here for 6 months which has changed my life. I would like to know the chances since I haven't been convicted? Also if there are any attonerys that can set up a payment plan to handle 3 cases I would like to contact you. Two in Fulton one on Dekalb
It's is possible to get a hardship license. But I don't necessarily think that a judge will be willing to sign off on one.
How can a DUI show on my criminal history if I was not charged?
Plead guilty to a maintain lane charge, fine was paid, was not charge with DUI
This could be a clerical error, I would recommend contacting the clerk of court in the jurisdiction that appears to be...