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DUI case going to trial
Need a lawyer to represent in 3mths in court for 2nd deg misdemeanor refusal gross 1 prior 3rd deg driving under the influence Is there room still for negotiation at this point plea bargain What's the best plea bargain they can budge to
At this point you are in a reactive position. Have you already received a trial date? If you have this puts any...
DUI challenging a stop and fst in Anoka or Hennepin county
Challenging a stop in mn. If the police report differs from what happened eg times(squad video has a diff time from the cops report and booking report), spot where cop was located at time of speed clocking. Officer mention on the straight line walk I was leaning almost 2to3 inches side to side after watching video I wasn't. Cop said I was on the outer lane while I was on the overtaking inner lane. Are this challengeable
Yes you can. Officer does not need much to stop a vehicle but has to be able to articulate a legal basis. If the...
What can I do to help out my situation? and what possible charges will I face?
I am being charged with my 2nd gross misdemeanor dui. The first one I received was in december of 2012 and that one I blew a .24. The next jan 1 I blew a .23. This is where it gets strange. I hit a pole while I was sober drove home started binge drinking for about 15-20 mins. It was my parents car and they were furious with me and being drunk I got very emotional and so I called the police and told them I got in an accident and Ive been drinking. They came to my house did some test and arrested me. I don't know if they will believe that I wasn't drinking when I got in the accident so what can I do?
There is a specific defense in DWI cases called post-driving consumption. It is a defense that you must raise at a...
Could my charges be dropped? And would I still be able to travel out of the state?
I am convicted for a 3rd Degree DUI in Hennepin County. This would be my second DUI within 10yrs. I blew a .15 on the breathalyzer. I just recently got released today from jail. I am not sure what I should do now. Please give me helpful advice.
It is time to retain an attorney. A lot more information would be needed in order to tell the chances of having the...
DUI case plea and trial
I have a case in MN.. DWI.. from speeding 2nd degree GMD refusal and 2nd degree DWI,..that night i used a lot of mou Prosecutor plea bargain..reduce the refusal to 3rd degree.. get 30 days in jail and fine upto 1k
Not sure there is a question here. I'd suggest talking this over with your attorney if you have one. If you don't have...
I have three dwi 's all over 15 years old plus a B card restriction violation what would happen if I got a fourth dwi
I recently had restriction removed
If your DWIs are all over 10 years old you would be charged with 4th degree DWI as a misdemeanor . The prosecutor...
I was aressted for a dwi and did not recive a notice of revoketion on my license. will it still be revoked?
i was wondering if i have not been given the notice of revoktion on my license after the arrest if it will still be revoked? i looked on line today and my license is still valid and the arrest occured a week ago today.
You don't have much time left to request a hearing. You should take immediate steps to hire a very good DWI Lawyer...