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  • Brookline police chief retiring after nearly 23 year...

    57 min ago | via 

    When Daniel C. O'Leary became chief of the Brookline Police Department in April 1995, the community was still reeling from a deadly shooting rampage that took place in December 1994, when John Salvi opened fire, killing two women and wounding five other people at two reproductive health clinics. O'Leary said he went into law enforcement to "help people" and to make Brookline "a safer place to live and work."


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  • Local business owner not guilty in alleged insurance...

    Dec 8, 2017 | via Lowell Sun 

    The co-owner of a well-known Lowell restaurant and bar who was accused of masterminding a plot to burn down a Brookline home in a scheme to collect insurance money was acquitted by a jury on Monday. Alan Kaplan, of Brookline, was indicted in 2015 on charges of arson of a dwelling house, burning a building, accessory before the fact and burning a building to defraud an insurer, according to court records.


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  • In Brookline, contractor allegedly used weed whacker...

    Dec 7, 2017 | via 

    A dispute among home contractors in Brookline turned ugly last weekend when one worker allegedly attacked his colleague with a weed whacker, police said. The victim told authorities he was working Saturday at a residence on Allandale Rd. when another worker approached him with the whacker, Brookline police said in a statement.


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  • Brookline man acquitted in arson case involving burn...

    Dec 5, 2017 | via 

    A Brookline man was acquitted of arson by a Norfolk Superior Court jury Monday in the burning of a condemned house in Brookline, a verdict that came after the star prosecution witness was cross-examined by a veteran defense attorney for three days. Alan F. Kaplan had been accused by Norfolk prosecutors of agreeing to pay Steven McCann, who set the fire, from an $800,000 insurance policy Kaplan expected to collect once the Spooner Road house, which had been condemned for violating zoning rules, was destroyed.


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Brookline Law

My son got a dui in California with his Massachusetts drivers license. Can he drive when he returns home?
He moved to California, but did not get a California driver's license. He is moving back home to Massachusetts
As long as his license was not revoked or suspended...
Can I drive if I am 20 (under 21) after consuming a quarter of a beer (legally in my household with my parents consent).
If I am in the legal limit for BAC, and am 20 but drank legally in my household with my parents consent, am I allowed to drive?
Yes but if you are a driver under 21 years old the determination of the legal limit for blood alcohol content is .02... has my name published for a DUI incident. We agreed to plea with a CWOF.
Patch says they'll remove my name from their website after the sentence has been served or if I've been found not guilty. Can I ask for them to remove it now? I'm not familiar with the legal system and it's termanologies but I really don't want my name to be there anymore.
When you agree to a plea for a CWOF, you are actually pleading guilty and admitting to the facts necessary to do so....
Was I better off not taking the breatherlixer test even though I was told by taking the test?
Court hearing on oui with out of state license
You need to give more information. Presently if you blew over 0.08 the per se law says you are guilty. That being...
Has attorney david Zirlen gotton a license restored to any one that has more than 5 dui?
life time loss of license
AVVO does not allow direct solicitation of clients. If you want to know an attorney's track record, you can contact...
How can I get a Michigan or Georgia driver's license after revocation in Massachusetts for DUI.
There are currently five states that are not members of the DLC; those states are Wisconsin, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Michigan and Georgia. Since MA doesn't report my revocation, can I get a license in an other state?
Call MASS DMV and inform them you live out of state and see what you need to do to get the hold taken off your license....
Do I have to wait the full 45 days after pleading out my case to get my dirver's license back?
I recently plead to a continuance without a finding on driving drunk. It was my first and only offense. I was arrested in Boston on June 6 and was allowed on June 20 to get the continuance without a finding for one year. I was told my driver's license was suspended for 45 days (so by August 4th I guess I can get my license back). My question is-- even though I already plead my case on June 20, do I have to wait the full 45 days to get my regular driver's license back? Or if I am eligible, should I try to get one of those sunset licenses?
What you're referring to is a "hardship" or "cinderella license. You are eligible to apply for one so long as you can...