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I got a dui in my hometown last year and i just got my license back this past friday and me and my fiance went out of town the same day to a concert and some things happened and i caught another dui in the parking garage while our car was still in the parking spot and they took me to jail for 48you hrs. I dont know what im supposed to do to. What do i tell my probation officer? Will she consider it repeat offender?
This arrest could trigger a probation violation, and will subject you to harsh sentencing provisions and severe license...
I was trying to pick up a friend who was lost and distressed at 3 in the morning, after the the town's free DD service stops running. I'd had good bit to drink earlier, but had stopped drinking about 60-90 minutes prior to my arrest. Anyway, at some point while using my turn signal, I accidentally flipped off my headlights, and did not notice right away due to the street being very lamp-lit. I did flip them back on, but A nearby officer was already compelled to pull me over and perform a field sobriety test, leading to my arrest. I blew a .179 but I honestly question whether that was accurate.
Yes - it IS worth it. It is a poor economy not to do so.
In Jan 2012 I was charged with a DUI less safe in COBB CO and was given 12 months unsupervised probation. I spent my entire savings on a lawyer who had me under the impression that he was after heads and my charge would be taken care of. I'm 22 in college on my own, three hours away, and unemployed. So as you imagine I was unable to pay my fine, or for the expensive classes so I never sent anything in. I also got evicted due to my inability to afford rent. I have not been in trouble at all since then. I continued to do good in school, and I have not even been behind the wheel of a vehicle since. I now have a job and can pay the fine and have completed the classes. What should I do to avoid jail time so that I can stay in school and get this put behind me?
Is the only thing with which you haven't complied the fines? If that's the case, and you have made some effort to do so,...
I will fail the test for marijuana that I used before my court date and my first pretrial meeting is a week after court. Do they expect me to be clean? If I pee clean will they take it easier on me?
If you fail your first test, you could be put in jail.
My friend got arrested and when they put her in the cop car, I went over to the officers and asked if I could get her keys because my phone and house and car keys were locked in her vehicle. The officer then replied by telling me to shutup and go away. He also cussed at me and told me to get the "F" away and was being extremely rude (multiple times). So, I was asking him why he was being rude and I was just trying to explain to him how I needed the keys to leave and then they arrested me. I got charged with drunk in public and obstruction, but I really was not drunk when I got arrested, and they never gave me a breathalyzer. The officer said that if I plead guilty with an explanation he and the solicitor would talk to the judge on my behalf and try to convince him to not sentence me.
So you want to take legal advice from the guy who arrested you? Why not talk to a professional about your case. Go...
National guard, military police core combat division, always pass pt test, 100% perfect attendance, no negative counselings, top gun on 4 weapons, passed 4 random urinalysis previously this year alone, several awards, no deployments, all of my chain of command is supporting me (other than my commanders). I am a good soldier. I want to stay in and transfer to airforce after my contract with the gaurd. I was visiting family that are daily smokers and I caught second hand smoke. I had moved out of the house and on my own to get out of that situation months prior to failing urinalysis. I know I was in the wrong place at the wrong time but family is not something I can just avoid completely. What can I do to get this dropped and not lose my secret security clearance; or discharged?
You need to consult directly with an attorney that deals with military matters. Try attorneys near your base, or the...
I was charged with Possession of a controlled substance and entered my FOA. Sentenced to four years probation. Two years later i got a DUI. What is going to happen from here and how severe are my consequences? Can an attorney help?
If after a hearing it is determined that you have indeed violated your probation the court can resentence you to any...