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I had exactly one beer at the bar and went to drive home. I was pulled over almost immediately leaving said bar. They said I was swerving which could not be further from the truth. The deputy said he smelled alcohol, and I said I had a beer about 20 minutes ago. I got out, did the field sobriety test and did well according to the officer. Well, they still insisted I went in the station for a breathalyzer. I blew a .02 first time. They thought the machine was malfunctioning and had be blow again. Same outcome (.02). The younger sheriff said he would give me a ride home just to be sure I got home safe (maybe he too thought the machine was broken (?)). As he pulled up to my place, a senior officer radioed him, who was not even a party to the situation, told him to charge me with DUII. What?
Retain an attorney who handles DUI cases.
Can I get a lawyer after my court appearance if I plead guilty and don't agree with the judgement?
Do not just plead guilty to this. You could challenge your prior convictions, the stop, the manner in which the officer...
My foreman has a second offense duii in nevada, but he is a resident and has a family in Oregon. If he is sentenced to attend drug 7 alcohol classes, can he attend those classes in oregon?
Generally, a person convicted of DUI in a state other than the one in which s/he lives may take alcohol and other drug...
Again, it was a second DUI in less than 5 years. I refused to blow on the bases that I would plea guilty regardless. Though I did take a breathalizer to be released from custody. This year, I recieved a letter from ODOT instructing me to get an Interlock device and an SR-22. I did only to find out that, though my DUI suspension was over, my impiied concent suspension is still in effect. Is there any option through the courts for me to get any driving privlige of any kind? PS. My bench probation will be over this year and I am able to pay off my remaining court fines if this is relevent.
Gosh, you should have asked a lawyer before responding to DMV's letter by incurring the expense of an IID and SR-22....
I have sort of a unique situation I was hoping you could help me with. Earlier this year I received a DUI in California, but was already in the process of relocating to Oregon.. My California license was suspended but i had already given up my address and am now residing in Oregon. My attorney has told me that it is possible to serve the sentence in Oregon but that I will not be able to get a california license until i take the in-person alcohol class in california.. my question is, If I take the class in Oregon and then a years time goes by will I be able to get a License in Oregon?
The best person to answer this question is your attorney. "Alcohol class" can mean a lot of different things but my...
i also got a recklessly endangering citation on current
The penalties can vary depending on what county this occurred in and whether your first DUII arrest resulted in a DUII...
I have a somewhat unique situation - I "earned" 2 DUIs while in Arizona and after each one did the needful in order to reinstate my license .. The requirements after a second DUI in Arizona include treatment, a year's revocation, and a release from a licensed therapist that i am fit to drive. I did all of this and submitted it to Arizona DMV so that I would be eligible there, and could submit for my license here in Oregon where i'd recently moved. Before actually going in to be tested and granted a license I had an incident with prescribed medication (ambien - sleepdriving) and wound up with a third conviction here in Oregon. This occurred in January, 2012 and I am about to complete my DISP requirements. My question is this: I understand my license is permanently revoked in Oregon. I am moving back to Arizona in Spring or Summer of 2014. I know that you have to satisfy all requirements resulting from a prior suspension in order to ever be eligible for a license in another state, and for me that means petitioning the court in 10 years. But i'm wondering - hoping for a miracle loophole, really... Since I never HAD a license in Oregon to BE revoked, is it still in the National Registry? I am pretty sure I know the answer... :) Thanks for any insight you can provide!!
I think your safest bet is to check with an attorney in Arizona. Oregon can only restrict your Oregon driving...