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I know someone who has 3 DUI's and is somehow still driving for a business owner, how do I report the business without them know
This is totally unacceptable. I passed by the delivery driver yesterday and it was definitely this person driving who shouldn't be driving.
Are you saying the driver has 3 convictions? And if so, are you saying that the driver's licensed is currently revoked...
When a case is adjourned does the person remain in custody until the next court date, I'm in Wisconsin
This was a dui case and it has been adjourned until june defendant already in custody will they remain there until the next court date
Generally yes, unless the person is able to post bail. An attorney could file a motion to modify the bail and have a...
L1 Blanket VISA Application and DUI in Italy - Help and Suggestions
I'm applying for an L1 Blanket In 2012 In Italy I had an accident with DUI (no injuries or death, only damage to things). I was not arrested and the trial has not started yet (In Italy times are very slow), altough this kind of crime includes some very short jail time that could eventually be converted in a fine. How can this affect my L1? How can affect further plans for a GC? How should I answer the following questions? "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty, or other similar action?" "Have you knowingly committed any crime for which you have not been arrested?" Have you been arrested, cited, charged or indicted for the violation of any law in or outside the United States (including traffic violations)?" Thanks
Your situation is complicated and any incorrect answer, although it might appear to be correct will jeopardize your L1...
Will two DUIs stop me from getting a job in the media or politics?
I am 25, about to graduate college. I have 2 DUIs, one when I was 19, the other, 22. I also got pulled over for driving without a license when I was 23. I am trying to get an internship, but never even hear back from anyone. I am a good student and produce good work, so I'm assuming it's because of my record. I want to know what I can do so that I can reach my goals, without the mistakes of my past holding me back forever.
You can try and get these expunged or sealed from CCAP but they may still show up on certain backgrounds checks. It...
Would it help to plead no contest for an underage drinking citation?
My friends and I (all 19 yrs. old) were in the car when we got pulled over for speeding. The driver had not been drinking, but three of us in the back had been. We got tested with the breathalyzer and all had over 0.0. Would pleading no contest be a good idea in this case? This is my first ticket for anything, ever. Also, when and who do I ask about alternatives to having this ticket on my record? Do I do that when I go in front of the judge on my court date?
Pleading no contest will have no effect, it is the same as a guilty plea for the court's purposes. A no contest plea...
Dui.And I wasn't even driving
Someone called 911 after I pulled out to far to see a street sign while my abusive husband was giving me directions on the phone because I was lost.I went to a gas station for real directions and was so enraged for the kind of day I had .Got a soda went to the ladies room filled it with a fith of vodka and slammed it.My plan was to sit and not even go home.Police showed up and arrested me for owi and I wasn't even driving.They waited for me to take a seat in the drivers seat.How could they know or not know if I was drunk while driving. When they never even saw me driving?What are my chances of getting out of this one?I admit to being drunk,but not driving drunk.
Some states consider that a DUI has occurred as long the driver is simply in proximity to a vehicle and has the present...
What to do after I got my first DUI?
I wrapped my car around a telephone pole Saturday night. BAC .38
Get an attorney who deals with OWIs immediately. also get this confession off the internet, if possible.