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Im from N.Y if I did not get arrested or given a temporary license just blood taken from the hospital do i have a dui?
I wreaked my father's car yes i had been drinking he picked it up the next day but I did not get arrested or given a temporary license all that happened was I went to the hospital got one tube of blood drawn but no cop escorted me and I got let out of the E.R with no problem do i have a dui and how will I know if I do?
You will know if you get served with an accusatory instrument. You should exercise your right to remain silent and...
Dui and illegal search warrant need help
i ate mushrooms at my house and as i was leaving the trip got too intense and i ran off the road in my neighborhood pigs came and asked me i had anything i said i ate some shrooms at my house but not many they placed me under arrest for dui then they went to my house and searched my trash and found some bad mushrooms i threw out and got a warrant while i was in jail and found 3 ounces of mushrooms that i was gonna sell to my friends can i beat the dui and the warrant? it seems like that's an unusual search of my house. they had no reason to believe that i was more than a user. stupid pigs.
Lawyers on this site might be more wiling to answer your questions if you stop referring to the police as pigs.
If you where accused of DUI, and the court dismiss that charge for a lesser charge for reckless driving! Can I get citizenship
On campus I called the police reported my car missing, moment later I found the car, few minutes later I was taken in for DUI. I went to court on September 18,2017 they drop the the DUI to reckless driving, I was soppossed to swere in for my citizenship on July 4, 2017 I couldn't because of the DUI USCIS ask me to send in the report of the incident I did with a explanation. They sent me a letter stating that they closed my case. What can I do? I have never get in any trouble with the law, I came to this country as a lawful permanent resident. Am from NY but I attend a university out of state.
You need to speak with an attorney who specializes in immigration law, I'm moving this question to that section.
My driving privilege in NY were Denied by NY DMV. I can send in letter of Appeal, what do I say?Do lawyers usually write letter?
5 years ago, I got a dui, well, I refused the breathalyzer. I'm a CT resident w a CT drivers license. I finally finished paying all my fees this past year to the NY DMV, they said all would be well. I got a letter saying my driving privilege was denied & I have 60 days to appeal. I contacted my original attorney but he's been very hard to talk to, barely responds to my calls or texts. This is the last week so it's up to me.Can I write this letter by myself? What should I say? I'm worried bc I'm enrolled back in college and am to start an internship , both in NY in Sept, so the NY driving privilege is a necessity to me. I waited last minute here and my attorney keeps telling me he will call. Legal Aid society wouldn't even give me advice bc I had an attorney/trial was in 2013. About to write this appeal letter, what should I say? I unfortunately have a bad record- 1 DUAI when I was 17 years old, another when I was 21 or 22 both in CT, and then this chem test refusal in NY back in 2012 5 years ago. 1st one was to be expunged... but they are saying if 3 or 4 alcohol incidents,then they deny privilege.I am sober 5 years,volunteer,going to school to be a substance abuse counselor,Help!
Only a lawyer fully familiar with your case could advise you whether you have grounds for an appeal and if so, what...
I start the DDP class today, do they a breathalyzer test and a urine test?
I got my first DWI and I just wanted some questions so some answer scuse me so when I go I'll be prepared
It is possible that you will be given a breath test or a toxicology test when you start the classes. Certainly don't...
What are the possibilities to get off my dwi probation earlier?
catch a dwi while driving my motorcycle in westchester, ny unfortunately hit two pedestrians crossing the street in between cars (not in crosswalk) so by the the time i hit the brakes it was too late. thanks god everybody is ok minor scratches since i wasn't speeding. I've been doing anything they asked me too in probation all meetings and programs etc., someone told me i can apply to get off probation earlier since I've been in probation for 1 year and 8 months now and my probation terms is for 3 years. Its been crazy since I'm losing a lot here because they won't even give my license back and its been super expensive to keep up with my business having to hire a person to drive my around was an option but my business is slow right now, please help.
You can apply for early termination but your chances are slim to none.
I have to keep the interlock for one year I was sentenced on 4/19/2016
I didn't drive for the whole year .can I apply now for a license without any Restriccions. Thank you. J.m.
It's impossible to determine based on your question how long your driving privileges were revoked for but that would...