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PSP Criminal Record Check v Court Records
I was arrested for suspicion of DUI and booked at the police station July 3. Since the incident I make daily checks on the usjportal, for the record of the charge & there is nothing found. And I have received nothing in the mail. I am a voulunteer youth cheer coach & per request of the league; submitted in for my background check to the PSP. The arrest is what came back. I went back the portal using the OTN number on file & using that search method; nothing. I figure it was a holiday weekend, so some back up is expected. But, 3 months+ ?? Any insight before my stomach itself?
Is the address in your DL the same address all along? I ask because if you recently move from July, then there is your...
Probation for DUI
If a juvenile is arrested for a DUI and is put on probation for a tier 2 DUI, are they likely to get an ankle monitoring bracelet/ SCRAM bracelet? Yes it depends on a variety of things, but has it been done before and is it usually likely?
In every juvenile case it is always the best interest of the child so it is what the Judge or PO thinks. Best bet is to...
Dui charge
I got into a serious automobile accident they took blood from me I had used drugs on that Friday and the accident happened on Sunday morning I know it will show up in there testing they did not charge me at that time how long will it take before I get charged for this matter
It depends glad you are ok. Detectives want to make sure they have all the facts first. I would suggest talking to a...
Dui charge
I was involved in auto accident I was knocked unconscious they took my blood is that legal
Yes, this is what is called a legal blood draw. It is done for investigatory and medical purposes. I highly suggest you...
Will I be charged with a dui
I was involved i a car accident and I have no clue why I was driving it was early in the morning when the accident happened it was on a Sunday I had taken some illegal drugs on Friday they took blood from me at the scene of the accident can they charge me with dui
Definitely you probably will be charged. However, there is new law about taking of blood and you may have a viable...
Can you get a DUI without driving or being arrested?
My car wouldn't start and I was too drunk so I napped for a few hours in the passenger side. When I woke up the car still wouldn't start, and I was pretty drunk still. I called the police for assistance (stupid I know). They came and talked to me, did a breathaluzer (I think), took a look at my license then dropped me off at home without anything else. Can I be charged?
First, you should absolutely talk with a qualified Montgomery County, PA DUI Attorney to go over all of your rights and...
How often is probation for a juvenile DUI?
If your BAC was in the "High Tier" and you are a juvenile who is not eligible for a consent decree or ARD, what is the expected probation time expected?
If a chemical test determines that a driver under 21 has a blood alcohol content BAC of .02% or higher, the driver can...