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What r my odds OUI
got into accident i was sent to hospital was unconscious,an they took blood work. an than was cited when i came home from hospital for OUI what would be my best option here,first affense,also have a CDL license .please help..Thanks
Any sort of plea or admission would result in you losing your CDL, at least for a year. I suggest you contact an...
Can a Cahill disposition be requested after an unsuccessful trial (guilty finding)
All Cahill prerequisites are present 1st and only OUI was CWOF 20 years ago
Anyone facing a second offense OUI charge may be eligible for the Cahill Disposition- this disposition requires the RMV...
I got my 2nd OUI blowing a .09. no other record other than my 1st... Thoughts?
I was very cordial in the whole testing, nothing jumped out... My concern is spend the money and fight, or start my sentence save the money and move closer to work?
This is not a website were we are allowed to give legal advice and I would encourage you to be careful what you admit...
Can I become a paralegal with a second offense oui conviction in Massachusetts?
My first oui was a CWOF I'm currently fighting my second convection. I did not take the breathalyzer so I'm hoping I don't get convicted and have to deal with this. But I would like to know if I can still be a paralegal. I would like to become certified but not if I can not get a job.
Being hired as a paralegal is at the discretion of the hiring personnel at any individual law firm. There is no...
I am on probation for dwls and got another ticket for dwls when my court date arrives is it definite jail time
im trying to find out if im looking at definate jail time or possibly high fines maybe license revocation for a period of time ....ive been told by many that im looking at 10 to 60 days and others that just more probation,fines,...etc etc i wanna avoid jail time at all cost can this be a likely scenario
There are many factors that will be considered. I'd highly consider retaining a criminal lawyer in your jurisdiction...
How long after finishing all the mandatory programs for 2nd DUI offense before you can get your license back in MA?
My fiancee's son was charged with his 2nd DUI two years ago. He has completed all of the mandatory programs and paid his fine. When will he be notified that his license has been reinstated? Or is there another step before this can be done? Please help! Thank you
When his license is no longer suspended, he will have to apply for reinstatement of his license with the RMV and pay...
My bf and I got into an intoxicated fight, he is facing 2 attempted murder charges and my statement does not reflect whole truth
My bf did something to make me upset, we had been drinking and I snapped and was the first aggressor. In restraining me he grabbed my throat, I lost my balance and hit my head knocking me unconscious. I attacked him again and once more he grabbed my throat. In my statement it was not revealed how I attacked him twice, I used the wrong word "choking" which got him attempted murder charges. Also, some things in the report were not true that I do not recall saying at all, incriminating him even more. These charges against him are unfair, we are both at fault and I need to fix this. What is the best route to clear this up. The prosecutor has photos, he has priors, making this a strong case, but I was out of control and am to blame as well
If there were no other witnesses, you can invoke your 5th Amendment right against incriminating yourself. The DA wont...