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Im facing a 2nd dui offense, the first being just under 10 years prior. My lawyer is painting a grim picture but wants me remain
...patient until he receives the discovery... ... I was pulled over for speeding and admitted to drinking 5 hours earlier. I have a witness to how much I drank and when I stopped drinking. I had 7 beers over a 5 hours period and then nothing for 5 hours afterwards, I felt I should be at or about zero and decided to drive the long ride home. I got pulled over, was asked to do the field test, felt as though I passed, but was asked to retake the eye test and he said i failed and arrested, i asked to do a breathalyzer to prove I was sober, was told they only have it in the station. At the station I was completely coherent and compliant to everything asked of me. Was told I had to wait 20 mins before I could test, he took me in the room and said I blew .09 (twice). I asked to see digital readout but was told I had to wait, never got to see it. Every BAC calculator I look at shows there's no way I could have blown .09. How is this possible? How grim is my case? Is my lawyer right to take a wait until discovery approach? Can or should I ask to have a 2nd/3rd, expert on my case? What are my chances/options? ...thanx for any advice
Nothing can be done before your lawyer right gets the discovery. This is the correct approach. After your attorney...
First DUI how long will i have license suspended and will i be able to get working license
Got first DUI in new jersey. Cóp pulled me over for not having headlights on and flat tire. They breathlyzed me but the machine was not working so they took me to another one waited another 20 minutes and blew a .13. How long will i lose license for and will i be eliglible for a working license. I live in pa. Also should i consider getting a prívate attorney or apply for públic defender?
Is this your first DUI in NJ but you have another elsewhere? That matters. The total time before your breathalyzer...
My license is suspended in PA due to 2nd DUI, am i able to drive in NJ?
I have 2 DUI's and my first one was in NJ and the second one was in PA. Currently my license is suspended in PA but after everything i moved back home to NJ and was wondering if i pay off the rest of the money i owe for my first DUI (in NJ) will i be able to get my license and be able to drive in NJ even though PA has me as a suspended driver?
No you cannot drive in New Jersey. Your suspension in NJ and PA will prevent you from being licensed in 47 states. If...
What should I do?
I was convicted of a dui 5 years ago. As per the sentencing I took part in the idrc program. After the idrc program I was forced into mandatory counseling. I took an evaluation and refused at first. Eventually I went to counseling. I tested positive twice for a substance but after having the levels check it showed it wasn't high enough to prove use. Once the mandatory 16 weeks of counseling ended I was reccomneded for more treatment based off the positive tests. I spoke to the idrc after 6 months of back and forth and they told me all I had to do was be evaluated and if I was recommended for counseling to go if I wasn't then I was good. I had another evaluation and was told that due to my first evaluation 5 years ago that I had to go to further treatment. Should I retain an attorney
The answer is, yes, you can fight this. Hire a competent DWI attorney!
What are my odds of getting into the ARD and giving a second chance?
I got arrested for a DUI on the 4th of July in PA but I live in NJ. Never been arrested or in trouble B4. I'm gonna get a lawyer to help me to get in the ARD. What are my odds of getting a second chance?
You need to ask a Pa. attorney. I would think you chances are good.
Can an empty bag be sufficient evidence to be charged with dui in if your a minor?
I was driving my truck that is licensed and insured when i got stuck on railway tracks due to ice, mind you that the track itself was covered in a two inch layer of ice . not ten seconds after i got stuck the railway crossings started flashing. The train was moving to fast to stop and pushed my truck into the railway crossing pole and knocked it down. After the police arrived they found an empty bag in the truck. I was never urine tested and they never finished the drug screen. I'm being charged with possession, careless driving, and a charge called "sloppy at railroad crossway" .
Fight the charge. Find an attorney that has experience with DREs. They can charge you; you may be able to beat...
Awaiting toxicology reports for dwi accident, still not charged month later.
I was in an accident little more then a month ago. It was just me in the accident and no one else or property damage. I was drinking and left the scene of the accident because my house was less then a quarter mile of accident. I went home and took a few shots because I had physical injuries and college buddies were drinking. Then called the police on separate phone since my was broke in accident. Do I have a beatable case. Plus I was never arrested just taken to the hospital for injuries. However did go to police station and police said they were awaiting toxicology report. What should I do.
Your case could result in a dismissal, however it's a lot of work. What is your budget for legal services?