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If I get my vehicle back from the impound without paying fees because of lack of evidence in a dui case can I use that in court
I was charged with a dui but the city of Chicago sent me a letter stating I can retrieve my vehicle because the police failed to provide enough evidence of the dui
The letter you received was in response to the Prosecuting Agency's attempt to forfeit the vehicle. The finding of...
Question about conviction vs supervision.
I had a dui 8 years ago that I got court supervision for. Got thru the SSS and supervision periods with no incidents. I assume that means that it doesnt count as a conviction on my record. I got a dui a few weeks ago. I most certainly will be found guilty. For purposes of sentencing and applying for an RDP, will it be seen as my first conviction?
First offense for SSS length, first for MDDP eligibility, second offense for sentencing, first offense for RDP once...
I had my first violation (ONLY) in May after my cousins wedding - which I stayed in a hotel 2 blocks from the Banquet Hall, and have confirmation - I blew .1010 --- 9hrs later feeling ok.. (guess not!) how do I respond to the Sec. of State? do I be honest or do i not admit to drinking? Thank you.
the point is not that you were staying at a hotel. The point is that you drank well beyond the level of intoxication,...
I was charged with a DUI last night.
I was involved in an accident. It was the other person's fault. But I did received a ticket for "not slowing down to avoid accident" Which makes no sense. I do not think the test results matter because I drank liquor at the Scene AFTER the crash. I just waited in the car actually and drank wine port.The police did arrive and it said on the ticket that they noted I had wine in my hands when they arrived. I have a jeep and the damage didn't really look to bad, (her car looked totaled) . I didn't know how to handle the situation. I was also drinking before I got into the jeep. But I believe it was the wine I drank at the scene that put me over the limit.
Report this to your auto carrier and hire a criminal attorney. Do not post more admissions online.
Validity of blood testing for drugs in DUI
If the nurse drawing blood used a butterfly needle, did not mix blood in tubes and the police officer did not watch blood draw or watch me when I urinated for urine specimen is the DUI kit still admissible?????
Most DUI cases don't actually go to trial, they are usually settled when your lawyer negotiates with the district...
Refusal to submit to DUI chemical testing multiple times
I asked to speak to an attorney when told I needed to go to the hospital to submit to DUI testing. I asked for an attorney multiple times while at the hospital. Then after 2.5 hours after the auto accident I submitted because all my requests for an attorney were ignored. Are the results of chemical test valid and admissible?
The fact you were not given the right to consult an attorney prior to a blood test is not a constitutional violation...
If you get a dui as a juvenile can that be used against you if you get another dui as an adult?
My younger brother who is now 30 got a dui when he was I believe 16 well last year he got a dui an they are bringing up the dui he got when he was 16
The DUI from when he was 16 will be used against him in the sense that, if he received court supervision for that DUI,...