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Do I need an attorney in Addison County, Vermont to represent a Level 4 1st offense DUI case in Cabarrus County NC.?
Had a NC license when arrested 8/28/11 - convicted guilty 12/1/2011. Was placed on 120 day unsupervised probation ending 3/31/12 . My community service charged was 48hrs for Cabarrus NC but I moved to VT 2/23/12 after notifying my Community SVC Officer/ My Attorney of my new address in January 2012 stating I needed to work out of state since I was unemployed now. I completed 6hrs in Cabarrus before I left then added 33hrs in Addison by 11/30/12. Cabarrus NC never recorded move, nor was I notified of 'No Show Cause' in February 2012/never served to appear in court. Then submitted to Cabarrus in April proof of change address/called 11/28/12 to Cabarrus to learn next steps for license return only to learn I have an arrest warrant. I have court 12/10/12 and since 5/2012 VTDMV took over.
Simple answer.. Yes retain counsel
Will residency programs see my deferred/dismissed minor consumption (alcohol) on a background check?
I got the citation 6 years ago out of state when I was 20 years old. Ill be applying to residency programs all over the US. My latest background check results didn't show it (I had to get one to start my clinical rotations and was able to look through it). I don't know if I'll have to, but if I don't disclose the citation on my residency applications, is there a chance it's still on my record and that a hospital could find it? Is there a way I can find out for certain if it's still on my record?
Request a copy of your DOJ printout through a livescan. If it appears there is a good chance someone will find it....
Does it make sense for me to hire a lawyer or should I just plea guilty?
I was arrested for a dui in Vermont, this is my first offense. From my understanding, Vermont does not have a work permitted or hardship license. Is it even worth it for me to fight for it. I'm not contesting that I was speeding or over the limit, I just want to be able to drive to work. Like I said this is my first dui and I don't know the process, I'm willing to pay any fines I have to but I don't want to receive jail time. I'm just feeling so overwhelmed.
In response to your question and with my personal inclination, I would highly reccommend that you hire a Criminal...
How long can I expect DUI classes to take? Can I transfer classes from Colorado?
While in Colorado I was convicted of DWAI. I have priors. Colorado has a lifetime lookback so priors from 12 and 15 years ago count for both sentencing and for DUI class length. If I can move back to Vermont how long can I expect DUI classes to be? My BAC was 0.09. Also will I be able to transfer the 6 months of classes I already took in Colorado?
You only need to post a question once!!!
Drug oui chances
I got stopped for expired tag, i didnt drive faulty and obeyed all traffic laws, officer noticed that i had slurred speech and saw bruises all over my body and mud. also noticed that i couldn't follow directions he asked me to do hgn test 6/6 cues then did walk and turn 8/8 cues and 4/4 cues on one leg stand there was a small rain shower while the tests was performed i am prescribed glasses but wasn't wearing them that day i stumbled several times while being placed under arrest and made strange comments at times when i got to the station an ems drew my blood which tested positive for phenazepam and mitragynine the exact concentration of the drugs was not provided. can the government provide this state beyond a reasonable doubt in your opinion?
This precise question was just posted in the Pennsylvania forum, word for word. Where did this occur?
Will someone with his 6th DUI, out on probation for DUI#5, get prison time in Vermont?
My ex just got DUI #6 in Vermont. He just got DUI #5 in VT on June 26, 2015, so about 6 months ago. This is his 3rd DUI in VT. He has one in PA and two in FLorida. In Florida, his license was permanently revoked for DUI#4. He is currently on probation from DUI#5 and has violated 3 times by drinking, driving w/ no license, harassing others, violating curfew, missing visit to probation, etc. He was put on Strict community supervision Nov. 1, 2015 and given curfew, no alcohol, treatment, etc. He also is a convicted felon in FL with domestic violence/aggravated assault w/ a firearm and battery on a person over 65 charges which he did prison time for. He has a history of violating probation and/or house arrest more than a dozen times in FL on top of his VT violations. He also has 2 other domestic violence convictions in FL. Given his extensive criminal history, his inability to stay sober or follow conditions of release, do you feel he will be charged as a habitual offender and be given real prison time? He is currently in VT prison waiting until the end of Feb. for his VOPhearing. He has a $50,000 bond. His probation officer plans to use EVERYTHING against him.
Possibly. Your ex needs to speak with his public defender.
Is it possible that with this man's extensive criminal history that he will only get 18 months outpatient for DUI 6?
My ex got DUI#6 while on probation for DUI which he got just 7 months ago. He was on strict court supervision with a curfew, no alcohol consumption allowed, no driving as his license is permanently revoked in the State of Florida (after his 4th DUI). Therefore, he cannot get a license in VT. This man also has a history as a convicted felon in Florida for Aggravated Assault with a firearm and battery on a person aged 65 an older. He did a year and a half in Florida prison for those charges. He has DUI#3 and DUI #4 convictions in Florida. He also has been convicted of domestic violence battery two other times in FL. He has a history of multiple violations of probation and house arrest in both Florida and Vermont. He has violated his probation at least 3 times for DUI #5 in Windsor County Vermont since July of 2015. This recent violation is DUI #6. So not only was he drunk, he admitted he was on the arrest Affidavit, he was violating curfew (terms of his probation), drinking (violating probation), driving, (violating probation) and committing a felony offense (DUI#6). His public defender is now trying to make a plea deal where he gets 18 months outpatient and no jail.
If he gets 18 months outpatient and no jail his PD has done a good job. 6 DUI convictions mean this person has a...