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Is there any way a person can get a dui (first ever offense) and keep their commercial driver license ?
My fiancé was taken into the jail last night for driving after having a few beers. I don't know if the cop told me the truth or was trying to scare me but he said he blew twice the legal limit into the breathalyzer. He just got his CDL's a month ago, and just started his new job. I'm waiting to get him out of the jail, I'm so worried he is going to lose his job that he loves and I'm almost certain that he will. Any and all advice would help greatly
Your fiance should contact a good DUI attorney in your area to assist him. He has a lot on the line and needs...
I have been revoked for probation for a second time. For driving suspended.
My first violation was three years ago.iv completed 7 years of my ten years of probation. Just wanna know if I'm looking at a long time in jail? Any help would be great
The amount of any jail associated with a probation violation is up to the Judge hearing the matter. With this being...
Options on Vasap program. Can Adsap class from a differnt state be considered? my options may be. VASAP is VA , ADSAP is SC,
dui in VA in 1997.Now I had lived back an forth from differnt states as a teenagers and had a DL in Sc before I ever had a VA DL.Now, when my suspen time was up SC allowed me to take the ADSAP PROGRAM,& make a Sc driver License. carried sr22 , the whole thingLIKE 2003.. Passed class w/ no problems etc. Now I knew I wouldnt be able to Drive In the state of VA until i got some other matters cleard up.They were just traffic tickets &court costs that never got paid.& I was told VA dmv still will need there re-instaement fees etc. as which they should. Now yrs later now2011.all my fines an old court cost in Va is paid.But lady at court says i still need 2take vasap.long story short.COULD I PETENTION COURT TO DROP THE VASAP PART? SINCE ITS BEEN 10PLUS YRS.& IVE HAD NO MORE DUI& I COMPLETED ADSAP
You should seek counsel for this issue. Your facts are complicated and somewhat incomplete. In 1997, VA law required...
Can I still get a probation violation if I check myself in a mental instution and don't show up for a scheduled drug screen?
I am scheduled to report tomorrow by noon for a drug screen at probation I can't pass I've failed 3 test already and been told one more positive screen and it won't be discussed with me just issued a violation if I check myself in a mental insturion tonight and don't report for the screen have my mom call and tell them I won't be there and where I am at will I still be issued the charge I'm tires of this lifestyle and really want to get the help I need
Perhaps, no way to know but get the help you need and it may not end up in a revocation.
How long can my husband get for a pb15 for failed drug tests
My husband is on fedaral probation an failed 3 drug screenings for pot. What could be the out come of his court date
The outcome of this case is dependent on a lot of factors that you haven't talked about here, for example: how much...
How can I get my driver's license reinstated in the state of VA after DUID's but that have been over 4 years ago?
My situation is somewhat complex. I am a recovering drug addict(clean for a very long time, completed probation, etc). Years ago I got a "DWI:3rd offense, DRUGS w/in 10 years" on 2/14/2013, that was my hearing date, the offense was technically in Nov. 2011. I have a 2 year old, I live in an area that is not really equipped with public transport and live away from family that could get me to and from and my child to and from work and daycare. I JUST WANT TO WORK FOR MY FAMILY, THAT IS ALL I WANT A DL FOR. I have never really had a DUI resulting from alcohol except one MAYBE 2005..THE FIRST DUI. The DMV is really giving me a hard time as the VA DMV usually does. There is no way we can afford to pay thousands of dollars just to get me a restricted license. Can I go above the court and possibly write a state rep or something just so I can work, get to and from to the workplace. Thank you, any bit of advice is so appreciated.
A restricted license may be something to pursue
Will I have to complete the vasap program in VA if I already completed PA's alcohol program and requirements?
I got a 1st offense dui in Pennsylvania at the highest tier but have a Virginia license. My PA lawyer is unsure of what I will have to do in VA.
Virginia DMV is a creature that does what it wants. If you get a notice that your license will be suspended unless you...