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I got a dui a few year back it was my first one will the online classes work the same as to going to a place
I got into a car accident I paid all my restitution officei have this dui classes to take.i was under the alcohol level but my marijuana levels where very high. So I got my first dui haven't had another one since but this dui classes are in the way and I am wondering if I could take the online classes instead of going to livengrin
No you can't - you'll need to attend in person.
Please advise if there is a statue Of limitations on a dui
I was arrested 9/9/2014 for a dui. However I was in my vehicle with an open container however the truck broke down and I was sleep in the vehicle because it was not operational. The police had to physically push the truck to my auto repair man shop which I was parked across from. The police never witness me driving nor did anyone report I was driving just that I was sleep in the car. I was fleeing from a domestic alterations and the drunk broke down. The police admitted to forgetting to file chargers and file over a year later. What can I do? ???
Get an attorney. Fight the case. Statute of limitations on a DUI is two years. They do have a time limit on filing...
Dui 2nd offense with warrant
I have a friend that has a dui. its her 2nd offense. the offense occurred June 2009. She has a warrant currently because she failed to show in court. she would like to clear this matter up. what would be her first step. is she looking at jail time or could it be reduced because its been over 5 yrs? what fines are associated with such a charge? she is currently sober and has been for some time. she has a sponsor and have been attending meetings regularly. would that be taken into consideration? Thank you kindly
She needs to hire a lawyer right away. If the case is in Bucks County, then she will need to deal with the warrant...
Can I get a DUI charge if not arrested?
Hello. I was pulled over last night very drunk. The officers gave a sobriety test and I told them I couldn't stand on one leg because I had to much to drink. They sat me in the police car then drove me home and dropped me off leaving my truck on the side of the road. They did not take me to the police station, they did not do a breathalyzer, they did not take blood, and didn't give me any paperwork. Could I still get a DUI or does it sound like they let me go? Thanks.
Since you were so intoxicated, it is quite possible that the true facts of the event maybe different from what you...
Dui pulled over for no headlights but i had them on
the cops saw me pass thru a intersection. shorty after that the road i was on was an S shape with no street lights or houses. they pulled me over all 3 cop cars speeding up to me with lights on and 1 said he "thought my headlights were out" i never woulda made it if they were out an i have pics proving that the road isnt drivible without lights. said he smelled alc, i recited my abcs ok, failed to walk the line and blew a .14 and had a BAC taken. do i have a defense that i was stopped on an opinion of my headlights and not the way i was driving beacuse i can prove they were on and i think he just made it up so he could pull me over or just messed up seeing my headlights were on and some how 3 cops were just there waiting.
Be prepared for a judge to believe the cops instead of your pictures and the argument that the road is not drivable...
What is the statute of limitation for a DUI
just recieved a dui in pennsylvania. had 3 in the state of maryland prior to 1998, how will this affect me. does this count as first offence?
I think you are confusing "statute of limitations" with the ten-year look back period. Statute of limitations refers...
Retrieving my license
Hi, I have had served my time and given my license up years ago due to dui in the past. (Approx. 4 yrs ago.) My license was supposed to be restored but I am now finding, the court office is now saying that they never received my license. I just now filed a form claiming I didn't have it, and now I am advise to contact a lawyer. I am told I am not credited for my original suspension, isn't this documented when and where it happened? I need my license back so I can work, my livelihood relies on getting my life back together, starting with my license. Please contact me as soon as possible. 267-467-0325. Have a great afternoon, William Burns
Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. You must reach out to an attorney; not the other way around. The best place to...