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Dui 2nd offense with warrant
I have a friend that has a dui. its her 2nd offense. the offense occurred June 2009. She has a warrant currently because she failed to show in court. she would like to clear this matter up. what would be her first step. is she looking at jail time or could it be reduced because its been over 5 yrs? what fines are associated with such a charge? she is currently sober and has been for some time. she has a sponsor and have been attending meetings regularly. would that be taken into consideration? Thank you kindly
She needs to hire a lawyer right away. If the case is in Bucks County, then she will need to deal with the warrant...
Can I get a DUI charge if not arrested?
Hello. I was pulled over last night very drunk. The officers gave a sobriety test and I told them I couldn't stand on one leg because I had to much to drink. They sat me in the police car then drove me home and dropped me off leaving my truck on the side of the road. They did not take me to the police station, they did not do a breathalyzer, they did not take blood, and didn't give me any paperwork. Could I still get a DUI or does it sound like they let me go? Thanks.
Since you were so intoxicated, it is quite possible that the true facts of the event maybe different from what you...
Can I still get charged with dui?
The incident happened on 12/2/10 I didn't get anything(summons court date). I got a call from a state trooper on 4/9/12 saying I have a warrant for my arrest. I was never charged with a dui or arrested.
DUI's are usually commenced by Summons not arrest warrant. A summons commands your appearance in Court but does not...
Dui pulled over for no headlights but i had them on
the cops saw me pass thru a intersection. shorty after that the road i was on was an S shape with no street lights or houses. they pulled me over all 3 cop cars speeding up to me with lights on and 1 said he "thought my headlights were out" i never woulda made it if they were out an i have pics proving that the road isnt drivible without lights. said he smelled alc, i recited my abcs ok, failed to walk the line and blew a .14 and had a BAC taken. do i have a defense that i was stopped on an opinion of my headlights and not the way i was driving beacuse i can prove they were on and i think he just made it up so he could pull me over or just messed up seeing my headlights were on and some how 3 cops were just there waiting.
Be prepared for a judge to believe the cops instead of your pictures and the argument that the road is not drivable...
Had 2nd offense DUI in Bucks County, live in Doylestown, got 90 days house arrest which I finishes 2 months ago. Was told
someone from Probation would contact me in 6-8 weeks from when house arrest ended but haven't heard from anyone yet. Is parole after a DUI supervised or unsuprvised? Was told at house arrest intake it would likely be unsupervised and report in through phone. Any thoughts on what happens or should I just call? My CO told me they will contact me and to just wait.
You will be on probation, not parole, upon completion of your house arrest. Call the probation department and follow...
A.R.D program .
Hi I have a question I was placed on a ard program in Doylestown bucks county in February 2015 and it is over in December my question is if all the restitution isn't paid at the end will I have to go to jail beings though on the paper saying if failure to pay u will go to trial , and I have been paying as much as I could on it so I need answers
Answers are not what you need. An attorney is. You are correct in your interpretation of the agreement you signed....
2 year suspension of my license
In 2010 I got a dui which resulted in a 1 year suspension of my drivers license. While under the suspension I got caught driving and charged with driving on a suspended license While suspended for a dui. That resulted in 3 months of house arrest and another 1 year suspension. It is now 2015 and penndot is telling me I do not get my license back until 2017....and no one can tell me why.....I work full time Monday till Friday and work 17 miles away from home
You should get your drivers abstract immediately. Once you have it, contact a lawyer to review with you to see if he...