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A few weeks ago I got an ICOAB drinking ticket. I blew a .029 but the officer didn't write that on the ticket, can I fight this?
20 years old
You can fight it, but not because the officer didn't write that down on the ticket. Do you think having a .029 means...
How do I obtain a motion of discovery if the case is not mine?
Authorities are trying to charge me with possession of a controlled substance when I was pulled over they let the passenger go and walked over to 7-Eleven . He had asked if he was being detained and the police told him no but they went over to 7-Eleven and went into the bathroom and looked in the trash can and found drugs. And now they're trying to charge me with them
Hire a lawyer or get a court appointed lawyer. This is not a do it yourself issue.
What option do we have when dealing with a warrant that wont make us have to loose our jobs?
My wife and I have been living in Texas for going on three years we are trying to get her drivers license to make it easier for both of us to get to work and back. When we got thru paying for all the classes we went to the bmv to get her tested and they say she is not eligible because of a warrant from Indiana.
It depends on why there is a warrant. Call an attorney who practices in the area where the warrant is pending asap.
Failed a drug test on probation, took a hair follicle passed, dropped drug test VOP, now a VOP for community service.
They dropped the drug test because the prosecutor said there must have been a mistake...I am now getting a VOP for not completing my community service but i have until 2021 to complete it. I have 40 hours of the 175 done, i had gotten another violation due to me being on military status and got that one deferred? But the judge said zero tolerance on any violations. Obviously my lawyer cant tell me exactly what the judge will due because its a VOP but should i fight this?
You should ask your lawyer as none of us have your case nor know the circumstances or whatever Judge in your area will do.
What will happen if you fail a drug screen on probation and then request a hair follicle through probation and pass?
I took a saliva swab drug test and it said i failed. I immediately requested to take a hair follicle test and passed. Can anyone give me some information on what the judge might do?
No hopefully will not violate you but best to ask your attorney none of us have your case nor know what it is about nor...
I have court for violation of probation will i go to jail or have a chance to plead not guilty and hire a lawyer?
My probation officer violated my probation saying i failed a drug test. She gave me a mouth swab, usually she gives me a hair folical test. The mouth swab test said i had drugs in my system, in almost 2 years i gave never failed a hair test. i want to get a hair test to prove it to be a false positive. I cant go to jail and fight from there. Will the judge let me plead my case or will i be sent to jail thay day.
You should not go into a VOP hearing by yourself. It is worth the money to have an attorney with you. You are two...
Is there a certain protocol that probation officers have to follow while administering a drug test?
I had a sample taken taken by my probation officer (saliva) and I am wondering if they have a certain protocol to go by when sealing the drug test. I was never shown by her that the sample was sealed correctly and did not sign or initial the seal like I normally have to in other drug tests administered by another company.
Yes there is............................................................................................