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In September 2013 my husband was hit head on by a drunk driver. The other driver was given a ticket for DUI, no Insurance and wreckless driving. He had No Insurance and we had to file on our own uninsured motorist and they say they will sue him for the money they have to pay us. My question is will he be made to pay our Insurance even if by a garnishment from his check? And or do we need to sue him to make him pay?
Best to direct your questions to your attorney. Good luck.
First offense. No injury to anyone. I was parked. Failed breathalizer and field sobriety. I was wanting to keep this off my record and hoping for a deferred disposition with probation but didn't get it. Can I appeal?
There are a few different ways to “appeal” or challenge a conviction in some form or fashion in Tennessee. Which, if...
I currently hold my cdls. I was driving my personal car and got pulled over. I wasnt thinking right. Goodlettsville police and Davidson county police were both involved. Goodlettsville did the breathalyzer and I blew a .162. They gave me a ticket for my window tinting and speeding(117 in a 45). Davidson county gave me a Dui and wreckless driving(going 77 in a 35). I'm not sure why I got all these different citations and charges from the same incident. What are my chances of getting no dui or no wreckless driving? What would I get? I need a great attorney!
Call rob McKinney in Nashville. He is the DUI atty in that area. You got problems! Sounds like a bad case.
Arrested for DUI. I was weaving (dropped items in the car and weaved) and also failed portions of the field sobriety test (eye test and one balance test). I was extremely nervous. Never experineced anything like this before. No alcohol and no illegal drugs in my system but I do take 20 mg of paxil daily. I told the trooper but do not know if he recorded this information or added it to his report for testing to use against me. Will the blood test look for this prescription med when testing? I have read it is possible to have a DUI arrest enforced even when prescribed medication is taken in its prescribed dosage.
It's doubtful they would detect the Paxil unless they specifically looked for it. In my experience, Paxil does not...
second offense. I live in tenn. been sober for almost 2 months. it happened in Bristol pa. I got pulled over. I drank 1 24 oz. can of beer. do not remember alcohol level. they let me go and have not been back since.
I highly recommend you contact a local criminal defense attorney who can go back to court with you so you can resolve...
I got my first dui 2006. In ky It stays on your record for five years. I got my second dui ln 2012 in tn and my 3rd in tn in 2 013. And my 4th in 2014. In tn Can they charge me even though ky is five years for a 4th dui.
You need to go by the law in the state that you received the current DWI charge in, which I assume is TN. If TN counts...
what could he be looking at from the judge... we are trying to locate a lawyer since the offence happened in another city(same state)
You should hire an attorney for him immediately. You can use the "find a lawyer" area of this website to find local...