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Asked in explanation
Went to court for 2nd D.U.I.. I had a lawyer, but on the court date he didn't show and send a colleague (not even someone from his firm). The new lawyer hadn't seen my case at all and almost had me thrown in jail. One, I'm not pleased with how the case went, is there anything I can do about it? Two, I received a bill from the lawyer for a case he didn't show up to, that almost got me thrown into jail because his 'replacement' was oblivious. Do I have to pay him? Can I fight against him for blowing my case?
Depending on what the attorney did and the outcome of your case, will depend on whether you have options or appeal...
DUI in 2010 and 2012 have my CDL want get back in truck but nobody will hire me until 5 years after the 2012 dui
Have my CDL not suspended. Wondering how do I get around the waiting 2 more years and start making money?
I know you asked a similar question recently, but this is a different twist. I don't know how your license is not...
Got a dui 2010 and 2012 is changing my name the way to go so I can get back to driving big truck
Driving here in Michigan with local companies but want to go back to race teams no one will touch till after 5 years
>>> Changing your name won't do anything.... you'll still have the same driving record, unless I'm totally not...
Question concerning blood test
I was arrested for an OUI and wasnt mirandarized, then they told me that I had to consent to a blood test because if I refused it they said they would forcefully take it and my license would be suspended for 1-2 years. However, in my case I think they were checking for drugs as well as alcohol. Does Missouri V. McNeely affect my case at all?
Missouri v. McNeely does not affect your case if you ultimately consented to the blood draw. In McNeely, the defendant...
Michigan OUI time frame
I was arrested on Nov 1, 2012 for an OUI and I still havent been arraigned and it has been almost 7 months. How long does the state have to arraign me???
I'm guessing you had a blood test taken instead of the breathalyzer. The police lab is backed up for almost a year....
Could this lawyer have done a better job for my OWI 3rd
My 1st was 17 years ago and then i received 2 within a year period. I am college degreed and have no other criminal record and had a successful job. I blew a .22 and entered rehab. The judge in Oakland county still convicted me of a felony OWI which is on my record forever. I know people who have had 8 owi's that still don't have a felony. My attorney didnt' even attempt to lessen the charge. Could and should he have? Is there anything I can do after the fact?
Every case is different. Every judge has their own quirks. Which specific prosecutor had your case is a huge factor....
OWI license suspension
After being arrested for an OWI can you request a hearing with the dmv in Michigan to keep your licence from being suspended? What are the time limits for this and would you contact the dmv of Michigan directly? Thanks
No. The penalties for all alcohol and drug related driving offenses are proscribed by statute. Once you are convicted (...