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    4 hrs ago | via The Gillette News-Record 

    MAVERIK ON SOUTH DOUGLAS HIGHWAY: A 28-year-old man was arrested after sheriff's deputies had been following both him and a theft case closely for months. Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds said that a 9 mm Smith and Wesson handgun was reported stolen in Wright on June 29. Reynolds said that a deputy had received a tip of a possible suspect and had been "hunting him down" for months before he made the arrest Monday.


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Brighton Law

Serving 180 days work realease for 4th dui. can I file for resentencing ?
30 days in
You can ask. In most courts you will have a very difficult task to convince the judge. Most judges view a 4th charge...
I got a MIP 12 years ago in Kansas and now i got a dui will the courts look down on this
I am 30 now and my last ticket was 4 years ago for running a traffic light
The MIP will be of little significance compared to you actual charge. DUI cases are very technical if you do them...
My ex left his interlock device in my vehicle and split. It's says device lockout and I am wondering if I can just unplug it?
My vehicle, he borrowed it to get his Lisence (and never did)
Your best bet is to take it back to the installer and have it removed.
I failed my intake ua and the next week the second ua what is or could happen next would i go to jail i have been going to class
I have been going to classes and paying fines and going to po but failed intake ua and the next week the second ua would i get arrested on my po date
If it is a condition of your probation not to use drugs you could have your probation violated for failing a...
What happens when the drunk driver that hit me, totaled my car, and sent me to the ER doesn't have......
The drunk driver that hit me is being charged with Failure to Present insurance. He was also in the ER when I was, along with another person who was involved in the crash. However, I was not charged for my hospital stay they told me it was being put under the same case number/claim...... What happens if this person does not have insurance and I only have liability? Would his family be held responsible?
If he has no insurance, a lawyer can go after your UM/UIM, and if you don't have that, they can sue him. Click on...
Will it benefit me in court if I have started my level II education classes, completed a MADD panel and, some community service?
Haven't went to court yet for my DUI but I wanted to get a start on everything before I go.
Judges are always gratified by this sort of responsible behavior following a lapse in good sense.
Do I need legal representation? And what should I say?
I drive for Uber. During my initial exam I was told I needed a vision waiver to drive for Uber. But with that waiver I would be fine. I filled it out, and sent it in to the trade commission. It took them several weeks in which to get back to me. I had been driving for Uber the whole time. I finally got the doctors note they have requested when they replied to my petition, but now they are scheduling a court appearance. Do I need legal representation and do I tell them I have been driving since I originally filed?
Why are they scheduling a court appearance for you? If you're being charged with a crime, you should hire an attorney....